Possible Metagang/Bad Secoff Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: MiriamHorn

Your Discord: Hardly

Offender’s CKEY: Unknowns

Offender’s In-Game Name: Mikael Gronger, Vorob Pitch, Leum Piker

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-02-11

Round Number: 47649

Rules Broken: Do your job and griefing for secoff, possible metagaming/metacomming for everyone involved?

Incident Description: As the HoP, I had Huk report to me that people were breaking into his Curator backroom and I come to see a scientist (Leum Piker, nonantag) and a chemist (Vorob Pitch, antag) build a chem lab and claiming it to be their new home, the lone officer (who was the only one at the time) eventually came, insisting that it was authorized even though nobody in command stated that it was approved, and even then my calls for them to leave and that it belonged to service were completely ignored by both sides.

Said secoff also seemingly wasn’t doing their job either, I didn’t have sec comms but it was apparently so bad that the fucking clown out of all people had to defend the captain themselves from a heretic with AA. The secoff was for the most time just hell bent on harassing Huk into letting two guys make a meth lab on his backroom for whatever reason.

Now, I haven’t seen this bit but apparently they let Huk be kidnapped by the chemist and pretty much let them be killed, no one had the objective to even kill them as far as I know.

Additional Information: I mostly suspect it being a metagang due to a non-antag, antag setting up a meth lab in such a weird spot and then have a secoff suddenly try to paint Huk in a bad light without any evidence, which is really sus but I’m also likely just being a bit of a schizo here over shitsec.

@Huk @Varo I suggest you fill in some stuff about this incident too


I was suspecting the secoff was new or just did not care at all I can’t guarantee he was metacomming but it looked weird


Hey! Huk Nowak here, the Curator in this round.
Aye, I can confirm most that’s been said here, and would like to also add to the whole case:

  • The scientist was refusing to leave and remove the machines from the Backroom, even though no authorization was given, and to the protests of the HoP, who is in-charge of Service matters.
  • Once Security was called by me, the Officer that responded was in favour of the Scientist setting up a meth lab in my backroom, then kicking out the scientist from my backroom, even though they knew the HoP was against it and that there was no authorization for it.
  • It had gotten to the point I had to get my Curator Set (the Samurai one) to try and get the scientist out of my study-room (Backroom), by threatening them with the Katana constantly, Security, seeing the escalation, attempts to get me to back down, I do, but still insist they leave.
  • Still, the Security Officer refuses to get the scientist to leave, so I escalate once more, this time, the Officer pulls out their baton, and attempt to stun me with it… but they did not know how to turn it on, so after seeing it not do anything, they attempt to beat me with it, which I promptly respond back to, with a single slice, and then yelling to Security to back off, and stop trying to beat me with a stun baton.
  • After this, I attempt to grab the scientist out of the backroom, while I still have my sword in hand. (It may have counter-attacked if I blocked with it (they may have attempted to shove me.), but otherwise, I had accidently hit the scientist with the sword while trying to get them out of there, but once I realized I hit them with it, I had put my sword in it’s holster and tried to peacefully remove the scientist from my backroom.)
  • In the meantime of this whole ordeal, while both me and the scientist are in the library, bickering back and fourth, with the Security Officer and Head of Personel present, the chemist appears, and triggers a grenade, I didn’t think it was them though, thinking it was the Officer triggering a flashbang, and as the Officer in question leaves the library, same with the HoP, me and the scientist stare as the bomb explodes, and both of us get gassed with a N2 + another chemical that makes you loose your breathe and makes you take suffocation damage.
  • As I drag myself into the hall, the chemist finds me, on the ground, badly injured, and fire-man carries me towards service, undressing me fully in the service hall, then try to get into the kitchen’s freezer (To, I presume, gib me.). They pass by the crew, who do not question it (Perhaps the officer saw it too, but I literally couldn’t see that from my POV.) Once they pass the Captain, they get questioned, as they literally start going into the kitchen with my dead body, the Captain, realizing things are not going well, attempts to rescue my body, and they do so, getting me to medbay afterwards.

TLDR: Scientist attempts to build a chem lab in my backroom for apparently no reason, the Security Officer has no clue what to do, and tries to get me, the Curator, to exit my own library, claiming the Scientist is allowed there, with the permission of command, when the exact opposite is true, and the Chemist, who was an antag, coming into the library with a bomb, just to kill me, and attempt to gib me, when they did not have that as a objective, or ANY REAL reason to do so. (Unless they were working with another traitor, which did have me as an objective.) (Me and the chemist have not interacted at all until that point.)


Rule 13 states that

  • Isolated killings and kills that reasonably assist with your objectives are not murderboning.

Lets go over our suspects.

Leum Piker (Mediocrebeef) was permanently banned yesterday for evading a 3h ‘read the rules’ ban, so that rules him out.

Mikael Gronger (chadgamer08) can be tangibly linked to the antagonist, and I can clearly see that there was metagang/metafriend behaviour exhibited alongside LRP logs.

Vorob Pitch (grottoenjoyer), whilst not too egregiously LRP, was participating in this metagang/metafriend ordeal.

I’m going to go ahead and save everyone’s time by QC’ing these guys, they don’t want to play by the rules/standards of the server anyway.