PooDevourer banned by admin Ruediger4

CKEY: PooDevourer

Admin’s CKEY: Ruediger4

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 30 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 14/11/19

Round ID: 9085

Ban Reason: Overescalated 4 times: Once by killing a fellow crewmember that shoved and hit him once with a baseball bat; Second time by killing the guy that disabled and tabled him after seeing him kill the FIRST guy; third guy after they hit him once with a baseball bat trying to defend the SECOND guy; fourth guy because they only tabled him.

Appeal Reason: I understand most of this, and frankly when I was first coming on to this game in general I thought this as common sense. But after playing for a good while on LRP it became this awful loop of where if i accidentally clicked on someone and punched them or shoved them I would straight up be killed and be declared valid when I asked staff, so then I’d stop talking about it. Then If I did the return back, which rarely happens.( I am unrobust) I am told that I am in the wrong since I clearly over escalated. First guy hit me with his bat which jarred me slightly so I killed him, then as I killed him a guy in a xeno suit shot me up with a disabler and kept me slammed against a table for like a minute which pissed me off slightly and left him alone, then he came back and tried to recreate that by shooting me again. So then I attempted to kill him too, and another guy then defended him by hitting me with the bat. So I killed them both and the last guy was just itching for a fight because he didn’t believe I killed 3 people so then after he tabled me and hit me I killed him too. I get it I do. So I just want staff to look out for stuff like this and make the server cleaner by making it clear to everyone in the server whats right or wrong and that there are no misunderstandings like mine. And to summarize I understand why im in the wrong I just hope you guys can make it a less harsh than a month please and thank you.

Additional Information: None needed.

Staff as in, asking admins? Not every situation is the same.

Overescalation. Could’ve critted tbh, but not killed.

Gonna re-check that out, though in this case we could argue that he was trying to arrest you/validly crit-kill you since he did see you beat a guy to death.

I don’t know if to call it validhunting , since it’d mean the guy would be looking for a valid reason to attack you, but you were already pretty valid by wacking a guy to death with a bat.

Overescalation/self antag. Third guy hit you once because ya were hittin’ the 2nd guy to a pulp.

Explain this bit? Like, did he explicitly challenge you to a fight or something?

I’ve been thinking about implementing some new escalation rules to make space for ‘failed’ escalation like Hippie has (tl;dr if ya got robusted after defending yourself with lethal means like a knife, bat, spear or gun, it’s IC), though I can see it being abused due to this being a beginners server.

I’ll look into the 2nd kill and I’d like you to explain a bit how the 4th guy happened to see if I lower it. I’ll also let other admins share their 2 cents.

Aight just looked into this.

This is the last time he tables you, notice the time stamp.

[2019-11-15 02:08:49.223] ATTACK: /(Small Meat) has tabled PooDevourer/(John Doe) onto the wooden table (NEWHP: 86.3) (Courtroom (110, 148, 2))

He does not shoot you with the disabler or anything else after this.
A while later, he either followed you to the locker room, or bumped into you, and tried to shoot you with the disabler.

[2019-11-15 02:11:38.550] ATTACK: /(Small Meat) has fired at [floor] with the disabler beam from Locker Room (Locker Room (138, 153, 2))

Ya flash him and spear his ass into submission.

[2019-11-15 02:11:48.610] ATTACK: PooDevourer/(John Doe) has flashed(targeted) SONNEILLON1/(Small Meat) with the flash (NEWHP: 75.8) (Locker Room (129, 150, 2))
[2019-11-15 02:11:53.155] ATTACK: PooDevourer/(John Doe) has attacked SONNEILLON1/(Small Meat) with spear (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: 55.8) (Locker Room (129, 152, 2))
[2019-11-15 02:11:54.279] ATTACK: PooDevourer/(John Doe) has attacked SONNEILLON1/(Small Meat) with spear (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: 45.8) (Locker Room (129, 152, 2))

You get the gist, i’m not gonna put the 7 or 8 times you speared his arse.

This is a 50/50 since you still were pretty valid for arrest or even critting because he saw you pummel a guy to death, though with lack of any context. He never directly harmed you, only tabled, disabled and cuff you the few times he interacted with you. Literally one of our rules say to, if possible, not go lethal and just defuse the situation non-lethally. He didn’t break any rules and you went feral on his ass.

Again, will let other admemes give their thoughts, since I still have mixed feelings about it.

Also tell me 'bout the 4th guy whenever ya can, explain stuff a little bit from your POV.

So pretty much after I deck the 3 guys the warden comes up and begins to arrest me but then decides to stop when I tell him they shot at me with a disabler, and attacked me with a baseball bat. So he lets me go, investigates the crime scene a bit further, and then the 4th guy walks up and goes wtf happened here. I tell him exactly what happened and then when the warden fucks off, he starts tabling me and hit me with his bat, I ask wtf are you doing and he says something like “You arent much”. Something like that, so then I flash him and start pummeling him aswell, to which he responds with “Oh.” And then pleads for his life, which I sadly declined since I was not pleased with his aggressiveness.


That’s not really a reason to kill someone.
Hell, the moment he went “Oh.” you should’ve let him go, or critting and taking him to medbay would’ve been fine.

I will take a week off since the guy with the disabler pretty much started lookin’ to fight you even when the situation stopped and it should have been relayed to security and not you, but the rest were pretty overescalation/self antag.

I’ll close this by tomorrow night unless you got anything else to add, or any admin wants to give their 2 cents.

Ban reduced by a week. Closing this now. PM me if you want/need me to reopen this.