Pointless rant about a pointless player

good fucking lord do i despise the guy who plays the borg/AI B.1.G.G.U.5. I know that he’s a new player, but he literally doesn’t learn from his mistakes, and doesn’t even know how engineering works

I do not care that I will regret writing this angst-filled topic in the future, nor will I care about it being removed. I want to express how much I detest this absolutely idiotic memelord who doesn’t care about playing an important role. I am impressed that nobody has managed to write a report on him (YET)

List of absolutely moronic things that this imbecile has done;

  • As an AI, told the engineer that he should not destroy the tot clown’s body, and to clone him instead. When the engineer kept trying to get rid of the clown’s body instead of cloning him, he proceeded to do absolutely nothing to prevent said engineer from doing that thing

  • Last round, as a borg, barged into engineering, and didn’t let the two engineers fix the sabotaged SM. Kept claiming that the sabotaged SM was perfectly fine even though it was constantly spawning anomalies and the radio kept saying that it was delaminating

  • Other profound stuff he had done that I didn’t mention because I forgot them

Someone do something about this absolute madman before I shit a godamn tower

my fucking face when

@BruceU hello new player of beestation 13 golden


He’s a apebrain but let him learn. I one human lawed him and the first thing he does is flash me and tell people i’m traitor and speaking mime.

Wait that’s him? How the fuck is he that bad at borg and AI

took words out of my mouth.

Cant see anything bad if the clown was human

Was it one of those magic setups that delam up to a point then stop dropping integrity


he’s just a gamer bro cope :flushed:


Seethe and cope.

“IC Name: Mcrobust Robusty”

-> goes on forums complaining about how he keeps getting hit by a based ai’s diarrhea storm


After playing a few more rounds with B.1.G.G.U.5. I have come to the conclusion that he is, in fact, a gamer and actually really fun to play with


after reading this post
after being a new player
i m now going anprim ape mode

@TottalyNotC hello new player of beestation 13 golden

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i love when your ai.