Plsss unban :( Gub Gub Gub Gub GUb Gub Gub GUb GUb

**CKEY:**Phobe Stall

**Admin’s CKEY:**ro5490

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**it is for both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**LRP

**Ban Type:**server

**Ban Length:**61 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**3/29/2020

**Round ID:**12499

**Ban Reason:**Breaking into the armory on LRP, attacking detective with fireaxe for stealing the guns from me, destroyed beepsky.

**Appeal Reason:**I like beestation a lot but the ADMINS keep on banning me for no reason you see
and I feel as if getting banned for breaking into armory on LRP for 61 days is kind of fucked NGL I mean it’s LRP and plus I wasn’t going to kill anyone with the guns I wanted to go fight the Syndicate convoy in space AND it was low pop so I mean cringe. Also It’s been like 2 weeks and I see why I was banned and I would have taken like a 2 week ban for over escalation but 61 days for breaking into armory? CRINGE

**Additional Information:**I would also like to point out the fact that there were many other people breaking into the armory and the fact that I have been doing this for multiple rounds and exploring space because I just found out about space monuments so I want to see all of them but there are mobs and shit in space so I brought protection I DID NOT USE THE GUNS TO SELF ANTAG


61 days for stealing a gun, attacking one guy, and breaking a robot on LRP. The admins have lost their fucking minds.

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Also heres the actual ban reason according to the log

2 Month Global Ban - Self antag and over-escalation - Broke into the brig and armory using a fire axe near roundstart, destroyed armsky, broke the contraband locker, then tried to kill the detecive with a fire axe for trying to stop them. - Previous auth given for any further self antag and grief as shown on watchlist, Appeal on the forums. - Auth Kasual.

I would argue that breaking into the brig on LRP is a right of passage into becoming a man so do not mess with my religion also I said that the over escalation was my bad and I would take a ban for it but it has been 2 weeks. That is why I made this now because I think I have learned my lesson and that ban reason is basically what Sauce narrowed it down to just with more words I’m pretty sure you are trying to make it seem like it is more then what it actually is, please stop and get your priorities straight.


Breaking into the armory makes you valid IC. Don’t get me wrong, trying to kill the detective is bad. You’d be valid to kill, but it’s not an actual rule break on LRP.

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Breaking armsky or the locker breaks none of the LRP rules. Robbing the armory is pretty much a rite of passage for LRP players and is what all good assistants do. The only rule you can argue he broke is extremely minor self antag by attacking the detective.

Ban reason specifically states the details tried to stop them. If the detective initiated the attempt to stop something that made gub valid on LRP and then died for doing it, why is this a ban.

Gub did something hes allowed to do. So did the det but the dets involved killing gub. Gub won the fight the det picked alone, welcome to lrp.

this is basically an admin report

maybe he forgot it was lrp. if he was arresting you, you wouldve been perma brigged on lrp so killing him is logical.

Yeah, I think time served is enough for this one.


Pls I don’t want to keep having to play CM and yelling starship troopers references it is getting boring PLSSSSS

Come on bro you know you wanna do it who can resist my irresistible clown ass

I can 100% garentee that within a month of being unbanned you’ll have yet another note about self-antag or similar.
@GameAdmin I’d like some input here as perma auth was given if they got any extra self-antag/grief bwoinks.

From what I know about containment LRP I believe this is standard shittery that is generally punished “IC”

I’d edit it to a warning note and unban.

I had put a watchlist up on March 28th for a two month ban due the the sheer amount of minor self-antag and over-escalation incidents you were racking up. I don’t remember the specific incident or time I did it, but I only put watchlists like this one up if I have also given an in game warning out of fairness.

The rule this here is breaking is valid hunting/baiting more than self-antag. You are allowed to tide into the armory on LRP and steal guns, and you are allowed to defend yourself from sec if they open attack or use lethals on you. The thing that is against the rules is setting up and provoking that situation so you would be in a position to kill someone. I was not playing so I can’t say specifically, but I’d be willing to recommend it be lifted as well with valid-baiting also added to the watchlist and the watchlist being refreshed to expire at end of May.

Uhh I did not provoke anyone it was the detective that started shit I just wanna explore space my amigo

Come on gamers u know you wanna do it it is like 2 admemes and a few players to 1 admeme pls unban or I nerf ballsack :(((( :sunglasses:

I would like some kind of reply as it has been about a week to 2 weeks or some shit I haven’t been counting



I aint unbanning gub
If yall wanna overrule this go for it but I guarantee they’ll do this shit again within a month of being unbanned.