Please fix ipc and brain traumas

hey i recently played ipc and got a bunch of brain traumas from an event. when we tried to fix it i got without doing any thing catatonic. which has once again made me really frustrated about brain traumas and ipc. please either make it so ipc can get brain traumas but make them actually treatable. or make it so ipc are exempt from events giving brain traumas and all other ways of getting brain traumas. Hopefully this gets fixed as im getting extremely tired of suddenly getting a brain trauma from a random event and not being able to do anything about it.

IPCs deserve braindamage booooooo

I spontaneously went catatonic after we tried taking the brain out of the body and them putting the sodder etcetera on the brain before putting it back in

Just a question that I haven’t been able to get an answer to, so I figured I’d ask here. You’re a roboticist and you have to fix a headless IPC. You do not have the head. Surgeries seem to pertain to installing the bits you can print from the exosuit fabricator. There doesn’t seem to be a ‘head’ object. There only seem to be limbs/things you can cram into a head assuming you have one. If anyone can weigh in how I can fix my headless IPC buddies, I’d appreciate it.

You’d either need to get the head, or you need to construct a new head, and get a pair of eyes to put in the head once you attach it, since they don’t come with eyes or ears.

Where would one get a new head? Am I missing something? Because last I checked, it didn’t seem to be available in the exosuit fabricator.

Use the cyborg head, since ipc parts aren’t implemented yet.

See, I did try that and was then unable to cram the IPC ears/eyes into the shell. I’ll give it another test to see if I did something wrong, but I really don’t think it’s possible to give an IPC head. (pun intended)

You need to surgically add the ears and eyes, since the only limbs they can socket back on are limbs, not organs.