Player Feedback: CraftmasterMatt

Hello! I am CraftmasterMatt, aka Flinten Steele. I typically play Roboticist on LRP, and I typically choose various jobs on MRP depending on what’s needed. Recently that includes, but is not limited to CMO, Chef, AI, and Cyborg. If I play an assistant, typically I wear a black jumpsuit, a black bandanna, and a bomber jacket. I don’t play antagonist roles often.

What feedback does the community have for me?

I’ve seen you in-game and you’re pretty chill. I like your “pacifistic” playstyle, which shines among a horde of powergaming greytiders. You’re also friendly on the Discord from what I’ve seen. Good to have you buddy.

Thank you very much! I do try to treat people the way I’d like to be treated. And I wouldn’t harm someone except in self defense, or if I had an antag objective to kill someone. But most of the time on LRP Bee the station is in such chaos by the one hour mark that I hardly need to bother.

good to have you on lrp server, but dont run off with those mrp losers, they gonna fall soon, when my council will overthrow the currenct council i will destroy mrp server, those evil mrp server dwellers just want to split our community, if they split us, other servers will see our weakness and start to attack, like paradise furries will attack our mrp server with their furry propaganda , BEWARE stay on lrp server, cya

I have never seen you

1 year later follow up

lrp fell from its glory, now its just containment server and mrp is the popular one
we will all miss the old lrp but its no longer here .

2019 bee was trash.


Just like you :flushed: