Player Feedback: Baldir Odensen

Play almost exclusively on mrp. I am either Aquilla AV (ethereal), and play hop, cap ce or qm. Boris Stefanowitch (human), botany, qm, robotics engineer or janitor. More recently I’ve also started playing eye.avi an ipc.

When i play eye.avi I either am ce or atmos. My main thing I do every time is route the sm exhaust into the turbine. After that I usually start on other projects like creating a rad room to produce supper oxygen or making a miasma factory for cargo.

Well this on is outdated

Right now it’s deamon blackburn, Boris Stefanowitch when I play cargo botnis or sci and eye.avi when I play engi or sci. Play on mrp during euro times.

Played with him once on MRP, joined late and saw him as RD and already filled xenobio with tons of slime extract, was able to build a couple of borgs and a phazon with his help, generally a good guy.

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