Player Feedback: Autumn_tunes

Hi there. I play Izatha Bifasciata, for the most part. I’ll occasionally switch to being a silicon or ghost role whenever I feel like it. The MRP server is where I’ll be for the most part, but I might hop into a LRP game once in a while.

While playing as Izatha, I’ll likely be screwing around in the medbay. I’ve mostly played the chemist, due to being a great robusting role (though I don’t play antag all too much) and the ability to have mostly non-lethal ways to annoy people.

I’m only recently dipping into the CMO role, as I feel I have enough medical knowledge to do most procedures around the medbay. I’ll try to help people in whatever way I can, as long as I’m not going to be fucking murdered as a result of it. I will have a ton of healing chems at my disposal usually, so I can bring just about any dead person back to life.

I’ll sometimes find some stupid thing to do while I’m finishing up jobs around the medbay, such as creating a moth-cat-lizard hybrid, or making a ton of deathchem grenades I may or may not release upon the station. I’ll play other roles to a lesser extent, but I prefer the roles that have more advanced mechanics to them (chemist, cook, etc.)

I’m trying to get more into the antag gameplay so I can check how well I can complete objectives without going loud.

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Good moff like most moffs. Also chill in deadchat.

I do not believe I have ever interacted with you before, but I must say… I love your username. You get a 10 from me.

Most of my interactions with you is you trying to change AI laws so you can “legally commit suicide”. Also you’re a really good chemist.

I think I saw you once in MRP, though we didn’t really talk, but considering you want to basically be Dr. Frankenstein and make an abomination, I approve.

don’t delete your fingerprints from the security records and maybe you won’t get outed for being the traitor

but then again i do tell that to everyone

other than that you are still a good uwu

I don’t regret launching over a hundred MULEbots at you for attempting that hybrid. Other than that, very cool person

if another race is created you bet your ass this is going to be upgraded

I did not expect you to pull that off. Did you just kidnap people for an experiment that cruel? I can’t see any part of this experiment being voluntary.

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Crab Race was there for that round, so after a bit of persuasion they gave me their lizard tail, and promptly got SSD. Found a roundstart felinid body inside the morgue, and quickly removed the ears. Screamed at one of my medical doctors to surgically attach the stuff to me. Consensual? Sort of. Morally ethical? No.

If you see me asking for EVA access, I’m either going for the White Ship, or to the kitty den, so everyone on board will become a felinid.

PROTEUS approves.

Also, who thought the 20 character thing was a good idea.

Isn’t crab rave a white lizard though? That tail is purple.

He was a white lizard, but the tail turned purple for some reason. I think it happens for all lizards.

im still triggered about deleting the fingerprints from the security records that one time

I want to hear that one. What actually happened?

Something to do with your mutation colour being set to purple for whatever reason, may be default or something. Tail matches your entire body so that lizards dont have a randomly coloured tail for example

Fun round. I was HoP/acting captain, ogan was warden(obviously) and they were just faffing around with the sec console and deleted their sec and medical record. We searched their stuff, they nearly got away with it, then we found implants or smthn can’t really remember, but all I know is that I became obsessed and tried killing someone but got killed by ogan and left to rot. Still mad I wasn’t able to garden @windowserrors

I fucked up when I deleted my medical record. My other fuck up was when I decided to use any TC before I needed it. I actually just put N/A for my med record because I was thinking of a copypasta to put over it (Was going to go for WGW.) You guys came in, and as a last ditch effort I tried to push it onto the curator because they were spess exploring and I thought it would’ve made sense. Lesson learnt: no pissing around with records and PAPURWORKK

0/10 Screams like a nerd, and also smells stinky. >:^(

shsut up i literally implanted a flashlight into your body while u were awake and ya didnt realize it was inside your body until i took it out on a shuttle table

¡SHUT UP. I was learning and i was very unrobust! Nerd.