Plasmemes 10 characters fooking gay

How many plasmemes we got?
I tend to be only plasmeme I see
Occasionally see odd co plasmeme
Also plasmeme not following the naming rules valid?
If not why not? They disrespect the plasmeme ways

Grog think gas-man not sound like gas-man is tentacle monster, hit on head with club

People playing plasmamen with human names deserved to have their envirosuit stripped. they dishonor our ancient ways of the rad man.

But seriously though plasmemes are rare, and it feels bad to have your experienced spoiled by some guy having “James Jameson” as their plasmaman name like b r u h

I’ve seen like, 8 at most. Most of Them probably got sick of the incompetent medical staff.

its more security that ground on my nerves - security would fully strip plasmamen, which included belt (plasma tank) or pockets (plasma tank) which would deprive me of plasma. They also, would not know how to turn the valve back on once they did it, resulting in an inevitable ahelp situation where i was just suffocated to death in security. For the sixth time in 2 rounds.

Medical generally is fine unless its a gay map where cloning showers dont exist, and you dont have a mask and tank ready.

Most my ahelps are tell security there mistake
I feel your pain toxic

oh why have you taken this guys tank off multiple times over different rounds

im new

ok all good just dont do it again

over and over, why not lock sec by having people be forced to apply for a whitelist, or even better, functioning time locks

Think that grinds my gears is I say

I’m a plasmeme I have extra steps stop me from dying, you know what your doing
Yes I do
Takes tank off, or whole suit
Omg why you on fire?

Not gonna lie, I’ve been that officer more times that I care to admit. Though I usually was able to turn on internals.

“Don’t worry, there is no way running into the SM chamber to catch this criminal can go wrong!”

Typicalbee station security.

Plasmeme best meme though

I don’t play plasmeme due to me running our of plasma on some ocations and that was pretty gay so I aint playing them again.
Sorry that this is a bit of topic but iPCs that does not have IPC or atleast code/pogram sounding names should not have to right to complain when they are taken to cloning.

how the fuck can you run out of plasma? If you want to never have to refill your tank, roundstart, go to toxins, supercool some plasma, fill up your tank with it, never have to refill again

Does H.A.L sound like a non ipc name? I got a ling trying to absorb me on lrp and some medbay crew trying to revive me with a defrib

How to play plasmaman:
Dont get injured

Dont get arrested

No was more talking about human names like Daniel

I mean, you could kind of pass it off as hal davis or something, but that’s more an example of medical incompetence.

I have the name VIGILANCE and still have that happen.