Plasma Fire Clown Player Report

CKEY: tayloriguess

Your Discord: potentiallytaylor

Offender’s CKEY: dunno

Offender’s In-Game Name: Plasma Fire

Server (Sage or Acacia): Guess

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024/02/10

Round Number: 47636

Rules Broken: Don’t self antag

Incident Description: clown makes themself a honkmech and uses it to spam the brig with bananas on blue/red alert (was 100% red at some point during their spree), causing a traitor to escape. Nearly murders me when I try to destroy their mech. Makes a second honk mech after their first is destroyed

Additional Information: Murder isnt a funny prank!

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After being told to leave robotics on red alert by the RD. They try to break in again and are critted. They then break in again and ask the AI who was asimov to kill the IPC RD.

I was the RD.

@Jetravess , I’d love to hear your side of the story since you were the clown.


It may be important to check if they had all access since I noticed them entering robotics by just opening doors, which could mean they have had AA.

This is important since they had a recent ban for this.

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they also let themselves into the brig, to the point where they had left peels going into the armory. Nearly slipped (ha ha) my mind


you slipped on a peel outside the brig

you walked up to me and without letting me talk attacked me with an ion and laser gun, i was defending myself from you, i never wanted to fight you at all.

you where by the bar with another sec officer when you again wordlessly attacked me and tryed to again arrest me without any negotionation first, this was happening while there was literaly a heratic conga line in the hallway. (you did let me go after to chase them to be fair but still broke my mech)

i never tryed to murder you, i only tryed to defend myself.
i said as much when i spoke to you in the medbay after you where healed, i only asked that you dont randomly attack me again and even said i would stay out of sec bussiness.

to be fair i did do this, i thought it was a mostly harmless prank (also i beleve it was still blue when i did)

now for the RD:

thats a hell of an understatement, you shot me multiple times with lethals whenever i tryed to talk to you.

i opened the door to try and talk to you again, you responded with laser fire. you also made no attempt to make sure i was healed after, you instead decided to baracade yourself into robotics.

bare in mind i hadnt made any attempt to fight back at this point.

i asked a borg to kill you because you tryed to kill me and where being a complete dick tbh, and i wanted to get my stuff back and finish what i was doing. (also i was honestly tired of being shot at without provocation)

shortly after i made my first honk i went to the hop line and showed the acting captain/CMO Jose Antonio (ckey is Foxblood1 btw), they asked if i wanted AA and i said yes, turns out they where a traitor so no real problem with what they did.

i did not give my self AA or even ask for it, i was offerd it and accepted because anyone would.
if you had asked me or even just let me speak then maybe you would have known that.

and had i not slipped on that one, i would’ve slipped on the dozens you had hidden under every door in security

given you’d let yourself into the brig and armory, destroying the mech to arrest you is valid enough

was not wordless, I clearly yelled “Quickdraw, Outlaw!” before wordlessly gunning you down :smug:

again, you’d nearly murdered me in the last encounter so i was attempting to arrest a violent criminal. I hadn’t seen the heretic conga until just then and let you go as soon as I saw them

you deafening the only two officers on red alert in this encounter is reason enough to smash up that mech

says a lot, especially given your history


again, you didnt even try to talk to me first.
maybe your point would be fair if you had asked me to come with you first, but you didnt.

you shot at me first, i just fought back.
i made sure someone was taking you to medbay as well, i didnt try to murder you.

“i had to shoot them, they fought back after i shot them”
good work on the police RP there, its almost like your a real cop

if i had asked, would you have left the mech or would you have deafened me and walked away. The fact you let yourself into robo again to make a second mech after I destroyed the first and let you go makes me think no

fairs fair, i forget how escalation policy goes but i’m fairly sure beating an officer one hit away from death to avoid an arrest for having an illegal mech isn’t following it

you hard stunned and deafened two unrelated people on red alert whilst you apparently knew there were a group of heretics congaing down the halls so that you can avoid an arrest for making yourself an illegal mech and breaking into high security areas with AA and you can’t see the fault in your actions?

It’s the clowns job to be funny. Did you do anything at all that round that anyone other than you thought was entertaining? Where’s the joke in anything you did other than being a nuisance?


so your saying its ok to shoot first and ask questions later because they MIGHT say no?

it was not just to avoid an arest, you where shooting lethals at me without giving me any reason why. for all i knew you could have intended to kill me.

also here is the escalation policy

  1. Completely non-harmful and unarmed actions such as shoving into a wall or table 2. Unarmed but harmful actions such as punching and kicking, or armed but non-harmful actions such as using a disabler or stun baton. 3. Armed combat - using any item as a weapon to cause harm to someone 4. Crit - you are responsible for seeing that your victim receives medical treatment. 5. Kill - If you properly escalate to this step, no medical attention is required.

Aggressor: The person who initiated conflict. The aggressor may not escalate conflict to the next level, however they may stand their ground and match the force used against them.
Defender: The person who has had conflict initiated with them. Defenders may use a level of force one step above what an aggressor has used. This also allows the aggressor to match your force, so don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Normal escalation: Normal escalation is followed step by step, an aggressor that shoves you may be met with unarmed combat + incapcitating weaponry. If a player is incapacitated and unable to fight back you may not continue to harm them under normal escalation. If the fight continues and they stand their ground, you may escalate to armed combat. If they still do not back down, you may crit them so long as you see that they receive medical treatment. If two players are having an unarmed brawl with neither willing to back down, it is not over-escalation when one eventually falls into crit, however medical treatment is still required.

even if we say your actions where non lethal, my actions did not go against escalation policy

you shot first.
it is also an area stun, i never meant to stun the other people nearby, i was only trying to stop you shooting at me. if you cant use a non lethal stun because it may also stun a bystander then does that mean that pepper spray and flashbangs are banned?

fair i didnt know the heratics where congaing down the halls when you wordlessly shot me, but it does show that there were probably more important thing for you to do than open fire on a clown who put some bananas in the brig.

i used my mech to suround two seperate people (the cook and someone else) with bananas and then talk about how i had trapped them, both found it funny.
the acting captain/CMO along with the multiple other people in and around the line found it entertaining when i showed up at the HOP line in the H.O.N.K.
i probably could have done more tho if my mech didnt get badly damaged by someone shortly after i made it, and them destroyed by that same someone shortly after that.

was just saying, you didn’t seem to give up after i had taken the mech. Besides, it’s not like I shot you down in our first encounter. The first was when you allowed yourself in the brig

you know i didn’t. I opened with an ion gun, it’s obvious I was shooting to destroy the mech and as soon as the mech was downed I switched to disabling shots

non antag clown with illegal technology tiding into high security areas :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

this is not a conflict highlighted in escalation policy, you resorted to lethalling the security officer who was attempting to disable your illegal mech

completely different situation and you know it. That is security equipment. You are not security, you are a non antag clown fighting security because they wanted to take your toys away

i didn’t know they were there, I only properly knew of the traitor you helped escape with your hilarious pranks and the clown in a mech with AA who entered the armory

Hilarious. Just like tiding into security and robotics and whining when they take away the items you are not supposed to have!

this is going in a loop, i’m leaving it to admins and the logs now

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I’m only going to respond to you once because really this is a waste of time for taylor and I.

I fired several warning shots, because I didnt want to talk to you. I made it clear I wanted you out , no ifs buts no coconuts but all you cared about was making your combat mech so you could terrorise the station more like you had already done

frankly, there was no opportunity to heal you. I came up to you to cuff you and take you to sec so you would be someone elses problem but by the time I came to cuff you , you had already risen from crit.

shot without provocation, you were someone who had broken into the armory into the brig and fight sec officers in the hallways. It was red alert and you were the trespasser, after multiple attempts to usher you to leave you were put into crit, this follows escalation.

I’m sure you are frustrated because you lost your mech and so decided to take it out on me by trying to get me killed. You had no reason to trespass into robotics repeatedly and make more combat mechs.

Frankly you have SIX bans related to combat mech abuse ( the HONK mech is a combat mech, its even surprisingly good at combat . You would know since you tried to kill an officer with it) The fact that you haven’t been permabanned already surprises me. I don’t even want to keep up this argument. I hope you had fun with your mech joyride .

Good luck trying to worm your way out of this one.