Pixelman77 asks for cool kids club pass

Your CKEY: pixelman77

**Your Discord:**pixelman77

**How long have you been playing ss13?:**since 2018 or 19

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: don’t know, it seems I have the uncanny ability of making people forget me, even tho I was both mentor and badmin here once

Game Experience (More Detailed):

(my internet had a stroke trying to upload the rest)

I have general knowledge in most areas, with the exceptions being artifacts which I don’t know shit about, and antags, because I don’t play antags much.

  1. How do I cryo as an AI?

  2. How the FUCK do I MOVE!!!??

  3. hello how do i make monkey into gorilla

  1. Where can I find a wallet?
  2. How do I make juice cartons?
  3. Im a scientist, what am I supposed to do?

Good assistant hours :+1:

don’t know sadly, I forgor to mention I don’t play AI much either. There is always the option of asking an admin to free up your slot though.

judging by the way the question was asked, this dude probably just joined the game and is buckled to shuttle seat and they don’t know that, so the solution is resisting, B or just clicking the icon on top right. However, other causes could be the hotkey mode (which deactivates by using tab) or a ton of other ss13 fuckery which will make this a long list if I go through.

I once heard that giving monkies a shit ton of rads might mutate them into gorillas, I never saw it in action though.

barber starts with one and you can make more with leather.

crafting menu, it’s in misc category I think. needs one cardboard box.

RP as Al’Qaeda AKA make research bombs, actually researching stuff, playing Slime Rancher in xenobio for slime cores and discovery points, scanning and working on the creepy stuff the assistants, sec and exploration crew bring in (artifacts), upgrading stuff around the station.

  1. It’s a verb in the OOC tab, Wipe Core, click and no more AI, freeing slot up.

  2. They were buckled, mhm! Maybe also mention that arrow keys are a thing.

  3. Okay to be fair this is a horribly hard one, buuuut its a random chance to make a monkey turn into either a gorilla, lose a limb, or become a human when horribly irradiated.

Tentative +0.5, recommend learning how to hook up a private server and poke the wiki to get good answers! You are allowed to do that. Also code diving good. Will bump up as more questions are asked, probably!

T: +0.5

  1. The same answer I gave to the question.
  2. Crafting menu :white_check_mark: misc tab :negative_squared_cross_mark: its in the Drinks tab.
  3. Good answer, however, I’d also direct them to the wiki.

Ill +1 this one, however, if you have not yet, make sure you read mentor conduct.

T: +1.5

  1. As a scientist, how can I get more discovery points on my own when I don’t know toxins or artifacts, and I’ve already scanned all the pets on the station?
  2. How do I restore someone’s sanity to normal quicker, without simply waiting on it to naturally equalize?
  3. What are the effects of upgrading the stock parts in a stasis bed?

scanning new breeds in xenobio gives you more points.

there is a var that is supposed to control the speed at which sanity changes but it is not used in any place (or not any place that I can find) so improving the mood is the only way I know of (higher mood = faster sanity gain)

getting laughed at and ridiculed by people who saw you upgrade them (stasis bed gains no benefit from upgrade)

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  1. Correct!
  2. The correct answer is Psicodine. This is an obscure one though, so I don’t blame ya for not knowing.
  3. Correct!

Sure, why not, I’ll +1 this.

T: 2.5

1-) How do i sacrifice to the gods?
2-) SM is burning how do i fix this! HELP!
3-) I need to change my liver. Can I do that with self-surgery?

you use the thing you are sacrificing on the Altar in your chapel.

SM on fire because it’s hot, and it’s producing plasma and O2, which burn together, OR “someone” is pouring bad gas inside.
Basically here are the steps for trying to prevent the SM from going boom (assuming the pumps have been replaced by pipes before, if not, do that first):
1- emitters OFF, very important step
2- set the scrubbers to siphon (although, depending on the temperature and amount of the cooling loop gas, sometime it might be good to turn off 1 or 2 scrubber for a very short time so that the gas has a bit more time to cool the SM before coming out, this is risky though. Or in the very rare case you get your hands on hyper-nob, don’t scrub out that gas) and NORMAL RANGE, expanded range is too powerful in most cases and will get the gas out before it does anything.
3- ensure the unwanted gasses are getting filtered out instead of getting pumped back in, even if you are doing a custom setup, keeping your custom mix in is not a very good idea.
4- turn on the coolers, this might be counter-productive depending on the temperature of the gas that is coming from space, if the space loop is effectivly cooling the gas to cooler than cooler temp, this step should not be done.

emergency measures:
-have atmos techs cool cans of N2 and deliver them to SM chamber
-grab an atmos holofan, hardsuit, fire extinguisher and a water tank, put a holofan in middle of the SM chamber entrance, stand on it and keep pouring foam inside the chamber to stop the SM fire
-grab magboots, hardsuit and a RCD (or just ask a borg to do this), go inside the chamber, set RCD to deconstruct, alt-click the SM to get access to the tile beneath it, then deconstruct it. wait until fire goes out then reconstruct the floor because a spaced SM will still delamm

only people who have android body parts can do self surgery on them, if you don’t have them, you are at the mercy of another surgeon.

First one was trick question. I was expecting asking an explanation. It was a heretic trying to sacrifice. It could be also chaplain and blood cult.
The others are nice but you could also say that you can do only some surgeries as self-surgery. Such as eye implants.
I think its a fine application, I like the playing hours. I will +1.
T: 3.5

  1. where do i find tools and insulated gloves?
  2. my disabler ran out of shoots how do i charge it?
  3. someoen has eye damage . how do i fix this as a doctor?

tools can be printed from cargo and science and engineering lathe, or bought from vendors, or be found laying around aux tool storage room and engineering or be found in maints. gloves are the same, but cannot be printed .

charger in brig or sec outposts

eye surgery or Oculine (or just replace the eye)

good good have a #1

Youve been here long enough. (In app, and being old as dirt :heart: )


T: 5.5

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Gently bumping in to change my 0.5 to a full +1, lots of other good questions answered and other mentor opinions:tm:


It has been a month so I consider it my legal right to BUMP this thread.

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Ok so this one stayed in limbo for a while, because your activity plummeted shortly after you made this app, again.

This pattern is what caused us to go back and forth on this, but we decided to give you a chance to see if you’d stick around.
You will be removed early if you are found to be inactive.
Remember that we don’t necessarily need the numbers to be high, we just need them to reflect consistency, a consistency that is waning thus far.

App accepted at +6, remember to go over mentor conduct.