Piter quite gay and all admins are now sexophobics?!?!?!11

**Discord ID:**bruceu #3177

**Admin Discord ID:**no idea bro

**Ban Type:**discord

**Ban Length:**big sad might be perma

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**1/24/2020

**Ban Reason:**i was too funny(i pinged admin to see a photo of piter)

**Appeal Reason:**it was just a prank bro, piter i know u gay but this… this is too far.
how will i sex now???

**Additional Information:**please approve my appeal i am good member of the community : ^) i funny guy that posts sex i cool

Bruh, come on

Effortless ban appeals may result in a ban appeal being rejected. Put effort into your ban appeal and show us why we should unban you and how you have changed.

but i have no actual info on it to post here

Put something like “I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement, and I simply want to apologise and ask for my ban to be lifted. It wasn’t in my intention to offend anyone or break the rules. I have learned from my mistake and I will do everything I can for it not to happen again.”

what no i dont belive in the “i am extremely sorry and i wont do it again” thing although i wont piing admins i wont say it cuz its very unbased and not epic at all just cringe in my opinion, everyone says it and no one means it bro…

I didn’t ban you, but I did chatmute you.

Is that what you are appealing?

yea da mute, it would make your sex tool 20inches bigger if you removed it

Will you stop pinging staff roles for shitty reasons?

We’ve started cracking down, and this is litterally the definition of a off topic comment.

mfw vexylius literally wants a man to write an essay on how he’s bad and how he wants to apologise :flushed:

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Meme ban appeals don’t show any effort in how you have changed as bass said, either appeal it correctly and elaborate in how you will change or keep the mute.

yea i wont will only piing ahelp when landen starts murderboning now

Alright man but if I catch you pingin admins for meme reasons

you WILL be banned from the discord

not even playing