Photoshoot banned by Bloons3


Admin’s CKEY:Bloons3

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Both

Not sure which, it’s been a while… I wasn’t even on at the time, having played many months earlier a couple times.

Ban Type:Evading

Ban Length:Permanent

Ban Date (2020-9-15):

Round ID:21311

Ban Reason:"Evading, please appeal for original account."

Appeal Reason:I haven’t even played on this server at the time I was banned, and this is my primary account.

Additional Information:I just have no idea what this is about.

SUPER IMPORTANT INFO : This happened completely randomly, and further ban appeals have been judged before this. But as far as I have seen, bloons3 appears to be currently inactive, and if some other admin could help resolve this. Sorry for double posting, but it seems like he has made similar mistakes in the past : Example : Firespider’s Ban

that’s a pretty cool ckey though

Appeal processed, please contact me or another admin if you are unable to join the server.

Thanks! This is a real help.

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