Phil Smith Mentor Application 2: Electric Boogaloo

Your CKEY: TeomanTheGreat

Your Discord: TeomanTheGreat

How long have you been playing ss13?: probably around a year

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: any other mentors who knows me

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I’m pretty good at engineering i can set up a co2 sm. I can also do fusion. I know most of medbay. I don’t know toxins. I think I’m ok at xenobio. I’ve been mentor here before but it was removed when I was discord banned a month ago. Or should have been. (My perms were only taken away recently because of admin error.) I have around a thousand hours.(I’ll post my exact hours in a bit I gotta eat)


I’ll get my in game hours in a bit (fuck autocorrect)


heres muh playtime

god bless you phil
accepted +5000

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get unbanned on discord too +1

Pretty handsome and I like wide putin

If I’m being honest I doubt I will be let back onto the discord which I’m fine with. I do regret what I did tho.

+2, based individual and knowledgable.

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+1 very helpful and knows his shit

inb4 ruko makes a veto comment about his notes. in all seriousness he is a gamer accept him or riot

Nah, not on this one- Teo doesn’t have a perfect record, but has a pretty good one overall. Additionally, he actually helped people with mentor when he had it, and did so a lot. The player I vetoed had a very poor history, spending almost as much time banned as unbanned and very rarely actually answered mhelps at all when he was able to.

+1 very good player bring him back to memetor team.

When am I gonna be accepted


+1 wasn’t he a mentor already

Also they are a very famous youtuber.

Also he is at like +6 now, just do it :flushed:


Body seems unclear.

Denied. He made fun of my anime pfp.

(I’ll accept this when I get home)

I was talking about wilchen

May I ask what anime it’s from(I’m not weeb enough to recognise)

+2 seems solid
-1 that pig is in my dreams now

(Edit) I think it’s pig but I honestly have no idea what it is

It’s already accepted, but what was up with that Discord ban?