Phil Smith Discord warn(s) appeal

Discord ID:
Admin Discord ID:
No idea
Ban Type:
Not a Ban but a warn
Ban Length:
Indefinite since it’s a warn (right?)
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Read above
Ban Reason:
Posted a r2 violation meme in 6hourmessages and (this is a separate and much older warn) pinged maggot for no reason after seeing others do it.
Appeal Reason:
I see now that my meme was a bit too edgy and I regret posting it. As for the second one maggot hasn’t been on the discord since forever since he was banned last year. I know now (and have known for a long while) that i shouldn’t ping people to piss them off.
Additional Information:

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I issued the warning for the R2 violation. Since this just happened, I wont be revoking it at this time. You should wait a bit before trying to appeal a fresh warning.

As for the second (technically first) one, given that it has to deal with harassment I don’t really think I can reasonably lift that one either.

Try again on the latest one after a month.


Maggot actually reached out directly regarding this. They said they don’t harbor any animosity at this point. So, given that, I’ll be replacing the existing warning with a 0-point one instead.

Changing to ‘approved’ since at least one of your warnings has been altered.