Phazer banned by ivniinvi



Admin’s CKEY:


Ban Type:

silicon roles

Ban Length:

1 week

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):


Round ID:


Ban Reason:

Stated a “Do Not State” Law, outing their subverter as antag. Second offense.

Appeal Reason:

I don’t think it warrants a week ban for a second offence if that offence happened 21 months ago when I didn’t know much about ai, I don’t expect it to be lifted but shortening it or letting me able to play pai would be nice

Additional Information:

Directly after cap uploaded the laws he asked me to state them, I will try to stop rushing orders to avoid this sort of incident in the future.

When a law says, “do not state this law” or anything with the same meaning, none of base AI modules tell you to state them, so you obey your law like you would normally, there are few exceptions to this but you get the point.

Why did you out your syndicate to the captain?

Cap uploaded the laws because he was brainwashed by abductors, side note nobody noticed that I stated it and I also helped cap kill hos discreetly but I acknowledge stating do not state laws is one of the worst things you can do as ai and I feel really guilty.

Last thing I forgot to mention when the laws got uploaded I read halfway through the first sentence when my Law uploader told me to state my laws, I don’t know why you would ask An Ai to state it’s laws after giving them a do not state law.

I agree that the time may have been a bit too much. Thank you for acknowledging what you did wrong, and saying how you plan to prevent it in the future. The ban will be shortened to two days, and will not include pAIs.

Appeal Approved.