Personal to-do list

Since I am a super lazy person while I have things that I want to do, I just put my list here, hoping that can remind me.

  • Leaves a message about the clone server rule (5 min memory) when you’re cloned.
    I am thinking to add this message The cloning machine notifies inside your mind, "To prevent PTSD by the possibly horrible cause of your death, Your memories past though for 5 minutes from your death have not been transferred to your new body. Please understand the medical purpose." (please correct my bad english grammar for the message.)
  • Game result shows the full list of players (besides the credit one)
  • ‘Pointing at’ function now shows your intention.
    (Help: You neutrally point at XX / Shove: You uncomfortably point at XX / Grab: aggressively / Harm: harmfully)
    plus the arrows have colors up to your intention.
  • (For fun) When Holopara user points at someone, he takes a negative moodlet.
  • New botany plants
  • Game preference that changes the Radio color(and other chat color also?)
    You know, command radio chat color in the dark theme is shit to recognise…
  • Chem reaction chamber which has always a 10u limitation.

feedback is also nice. :slight_smile:

why do you need to state that its a neutral point instead of just giving it the default pointing message
how do you point at someone harmfully

I’ve thought ‘pointing at’ function is somehow weird and wanted to give it more variation to express. They can’t be always neutral for all time when I say why it’s weird. but ‘harmful point’ does not sound legit.
Well, at least, I wanted to change a pointing into two aspects - Positive and friendly, Negative and hostilely (and neutrally as third one, maybe?)

Is that still a thing? I thought we were to revert it back to not knowing your killer?
It’s sometimes hard to tell the time and quite a lot can happen in 5 minutes. It’s a rule that’s not enforced for most of the time, its only function is to find some hook on player admins really want to get on any technicality and other than that it’s only a pain to people who try to play by the rules and will have to act clueless about major events that they have participated in, be forced to ask dozens of leading questions to others

From R14.3

It’s usually not a big concern unless it’s particularly egregious, since like you said it can sometimes be difficult for people to tell time. And sometimes the altercation leading to their death took more than 5 minutes. And despite what you may think we do not go out of our way to find reasons to ban people over ‘technicalities’.

*fingergun a mime


My personal to do list on Bee may only look like:

  1. Eat shit
  2. Die