PerishedFraud banned by bloons3

CKEY: Perishedfraud

Admin’s CKEY: bloons3

Servers: Both

Ban Type/Length : 3 day full ban and 1 month silicon ban.

Ban Date: 15/07/2020

Round ID: 18562

Ban Reason: Disobeyed sillicon policy.

After their AI was subverted, made public the fact that the AI was subverted and also ASKED to be reset and unsynced from the AI. Don’t play as borg if you don’t want to follow the silicon policy.

Appeal Reason: Note: This is an appeal to shorten the ban due to circumstances and lack of prior bans for similar reasons, not an unban appeal (as i did make the mistake).

Due to the person subverting the AI not actually doing anything with the subversion (as far as I was aware anyway) and a total lack of harmful orders, it did not occur to me that stating the added law was breaking law 1 due to potential harm to the subverter. After I got the bean I asked around for a bit and found out exactly what was wrong (big credit to cae) which should prevent such mistakes in the future. Note that aside from the law shenanigans I didn’t harm anyone and that I don’t usually abuse such things. On that topic most of my notes are for messing around in botany ages ago, if that’s any confirmation.

TLDR it was an honest mistake.

Additional Information: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cellphone

what laws did you have tho

Just regular laws + only one guy is human. No law prevented me from stating what I had directly but due to potential harm to the one human, law 1 would prevent me from stating and acting further on it, which didn’t occur to me at the moment.

ah yea you fucked up that guys round and how was that a accident? were you trying to “loophole” the laws and fucked up?

His round wasn’t fucked up due to me from what I’ve seen. (though it is possible I missed something).

I wasn’t trying to loophole any laws. I’ve already stated exactly what my mistake was. I didn’t see anything that prevented me from stating and it didn’t occur to me that law 1 prevents this indirectly.

I don’t have any grudge against the guy and can even get him to vouch for me if needed. I have never, and don’t intend to loophole laws or otherwise abuse silicons.

you are allowed to loophole laws if the “loophole” is a logical misconception but how do you not realize that would harm him when you state he onehumaned you and must be a antag or self antager

It didn’t occur to me because he wasn’t giving any orders or otherwise using the subversion from what I’ve seen. I’ve played rounds earier where I got subverted and it’d usually come with appropriate new objectives given by the subverter, however this time it was just the law change followed by total silence from both him and the AI.

Due to this I wasn’t even thinking about the potential harm from revealing him.

Was it a mistake? Yeah, and I don’t deny it. Sadly I’m not a machine IRL.

Was it intentional griefing or me trying to ruin his round? No. Thus the appeal.

Appeal accepted. 2020

Lmao he stated his law 0 ( one human ) and asked to be reset

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