Perhaps_Dog banned by KraiZeral

CKEY: Perhaps_Dog

Admin’s CKEY: KraiZeral

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (01/01/2020)

Round ID: 10930

Ban Reason: Banned for Self-Antag using telekenesis, disconnected before an admin arrived, shifted to permanent.

Appeal Reason: I’m going to be honest, I was new to Bee station and Space station 13 in general, so I was goofing off because It was 4 AM and I got telekinesis by being cloned multiple times. I agree with the original ban date which was January the 22nd, but I don’t think Its reasonable to shift a ban to permanent because of the fact I got off before an Admin arrived at 4 AM. I apologize profusely and hope this can be resolved

Additional Information: This is my first ban appeal so if it looks sloppy, I apologize.

Yo, I’m the one you were bashing around with the things (before I caught them)
That wasn’t cool.
Not an admin but I do know that bans are made permanent if you disconnect before you can answer for them to force you to come to the forums and answer for your actions there.

Did you read the rules.

If you did, you wouldn’tve attacked some random guy.

Gonna be honest, not a good idea in hindsight and really, I cant say much to defend myself here so, I’m just gonna say, I regret my decisions, and frick.

at least you admitted it
on the other hand you just fucked yourself over because accepting a perma is literally just gonna make your perma un-appealable

I have more regrets now

I would make that ban shorter than eternity since you’ve appealed.

I would hope so too since now I’m getting worried its gonna stay permanent.

Explaining yourself takes away the perma ban

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He’s a good player from what I can recall, please un-perma him

Bro your gunna get banned now bro
Rules say no he good guy unban he
F bro your banned now jannie, you done gone fucked up

Im also up for unperma-ing them, counting i have never seen them do malicious stuff before such as self antagonizing the round. disconnecting on a ticket is a pretty serious issue, but if its appealed, i think it should be made temporary, depending on the severity.
In the end, its up to Kain to do so or not, just throwing two cents in, since i wasnt there when it happened, and i dont know the situation to the full extent.


Don’t do get bonked for doing bad.