People's opinion on the "Racial and homophobic slurs are not permitted" thing

Write down your opinion on the “Racial and homophobic slurs are not permitted”

Mine is this

I’m okay with the ban

Now don’t get me wrong if i can i would have not done it but i am not in charge of it and I never had used those words untell i hear about the ban.

My opinion on why the ban is here

Now again let me state that i would not do it if i was the one who made it but i can see one reason WHY they do it.

We can have kids here (that is why we can not ERP :cry: and i don’t think they (the host/admin or whoever decided to do it) did not want to have little Timmy learning racial slurs and whatnot.

(If i try i bet i cam see other reasons why but i don’t really care that much about all of this.)

My opinion on the people who support the ban

Noise how i tell you why i am fine with the ban and not insult, straw man, or bring politics into it.

Well, form what i see and read this is not what most do.

They act like this is for the betterment of all and you should be ashamed for getting mad over it you bigots.

I’m not saying this is all bad but what i am saying is this is not how you deal in the situation (and yes i know how i sound but I’ll get back to that in a bit)

Maybe if you don’t act like some ass hole maybe people will agree with you and not yell at you or just don’t think you are rude at lest.

And stop saying my free speech and what not just so you can act like this involved with politics (you would think the other side will bring the politics into this but the most i see is with race stuff)

My opinion on people who don’t support it

I say if i had to pick a side i will pick them. (So likey bias with be here but it’s my opinion so what did you think?)

I can see why they are upset about it.

Freedom of saying what you want is a good thing and if this is real life i would be full free the nig-%

But this is just a game so… I don’t really care it’s not a website it’s a server where you can have fun and that is why k think people are so mad about this they may find it find calling people n-word (i don’t see why but i find self-harm funny so what do i know) and rioting and naming my self n-word was fun.

But that is when the fun ends is when i start to not like it.

Wanting to leave the server is kind of an over-exaggeration don’t you think?

Like really? Them just not allowing some kinds of words is all it takes to let you leave?

I’m sure there is something other than that to keeps you playing.

And saying it’s died just cus of that is silly.

Now can you STOP saying “YoR 0nLy saying tHaT cUs YoUr wHiTe” stuff like that is no different than them just saying “the only reason why you want to say the n-word is cus your white”

It’s stupid, it’s nothing either way.

My opinion on the admins and hosts

They are (from what i see) all right they are not really mad and they seem mostly good.

My opinion on the whole thing

I find it fun at first but now i just want it to stop.

It WAS fun rioting and calling people knew ways of saying the n-word.

It’s not seeing people argue and being rude to one another.

They say (the admins, host, whatever) that it was to make the community more friendly but it seems like it only made thing worse, yeah you can be mad and dislike it but that does not mean you need to be rude to the other play just cus he disagrees with you.

I love bee station by how weird, friendly and dick it can be.

The close thing i can say that represent bee station is like 4chan, you don’t really know who will you meet and that is what makes it fun.

But seeing this… Just make me sad or even mad.

We can disagree with things but remember.

We are all oppressed for we are all gamers.

We did not come to SS13 to get mad we came here to have fun and yeah the ban may ruin the fun a bit but that is not why (at least for me) i come here.

I want to have fun and tell stories not argue and debate about it.

And if fun is selling slaves again like the good old day JOKE then so be it.

If its fun to be stranded on a Syndicate mining base with two other people cuz the Clown push us in the Gateway then so be it.

And if it fun, trying to summon a devil with the chap even tho the admin is not having any of it then so be it.

I think this all happens today so maybe this will rest tomorrow and i hope so.

That all have a lovely day and goodbye - Lemon Hot aka the boy who say the n-word.

Also, i hear there was a vote and most say no but they did it anyway.

But i was not there or how they treat those things so i don’t know.

I resigned over the shitty way this forced through plus the fact that it’s ******** to begin with, so my opinion should be pretty clear.


buh if i cant say ****** i quit.

Bee was a place of freedom once.
For me ss13 was always a game where you throw such words around for jokes and everyone does so too,it was like part of what ss13 is

I expect on lrp to call my religion BURN ALL GAY PEOPLE

I expect on lrp to call my medibots COCK DESTROYER

I expect on lrp to call every other person when they wrong me ****** ******.

From what i see i might get bwoinked for calling my medibot naughty names soon, this is the end this is it.

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wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first step towards putting ads on their servers

racist virtue-signalling whites get more bootyblasted over the n-word than any black person, fucking sad

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I don’t see an issue with it.

I’m not a very active player on Beestation, not at all, I play to just relax after other servers. Yet - this has raised more of a concern over the Space Station Thirteen community as a whole, and the divide between players has fermented into something distinct amongst servers. It is just in Beestation where most of this fiasco is currently occurring, and if you give it time I can bet that you’ll see a trend where the predominantly “TG” avenue of players clashes with the other type of players.

Although it seems like the former outnumbers the latter, it is just a matter of appearance, that discord and other means of communication have offered an easier way for those who are against the ban to speak out against it and appear as though they outnumber those who oppose it. And, while it also may be true that a large group of people does oppose it - they are no more a majority then the council is a non-existent entity.

I do not oppose the ban itself, in fact I’d say I was pretty shocked by the fact it wasn’t implemented before, but the modus operandi that the head administrators have undertaken to place it has led us to the current situation. Beestation is the only server that offers representation to their players, bar the normal means of offering the ability to moderate to the players, yet even still this institution appears to have failed on Bee. It’s disappointing, yet some could argue it was only time that you realized that democracy is a flawed concept given the wrong foundation. No more can this ring true than on the internet, where the veil of anonymity gives users the ability to speak freely without punishment, and on Beestation where it’s core player base is divided, as seen through the recent mass resignation of administrators, democracy seems to have failed.

Not all is bitter and dead, though, as there is still recourse is this tumultuous crisis for this server and dare I say the placement of the people and their say in the administration of servers. If the administrators were to offer snap elections of the Council based solely on this issue, perhaps a resolution could occur that would satisfy both sides.

Although I am no representative of the people, as we speak the player base grows tiresome and weary of this issue, combined with the recent changes where administration is few and far between to moderate the servers, it is easier for players to simply abandon the server and either forge their own amid the path of turmoil or simply join another, such as Hippie where it has capitalized off of the situation to bolster their own ranks.

no more ******mortis rip viro memes.

touch of *****mancer

I’d be fine with the new ‘no racial & homophobic slurs’ ruling if it only applied to the MRP server. Hearing the heads scream ****** or go ‘Lol u GaY’ is always annoying to see there.

but having it apply to LRP aswell? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no thanks.

it’s ********
and *****.
Maybe beestation will get nominated for a Humanitas Prize now!

Again, as always, it’s not about the word, I don’t care about word, it’s how it was implemented, suddenly, and bypassing approval from the admins that moderate the game and handle tickets, bypassing approval from the player elected council that have given us good features before such as being able to see our own notes in the ooc tab, and bypassing the playerbase at large, the people who actually play the game. And yet even when truth comes out about it, it still isn’t getting reverted for whatever god damn reason. Just… Revert it, say sorry about the whole thing, then do a vote. My view is that anything that effects the playerbase at large should at least inform the playerbase before it gets merged.

We live in a society.

I’m entirely for the ban

I don’t think it’s the end of the world for the council to be bypassed for some decisions.

I do understand why a lot of players are upset about how this was changed, and how this can start a slippery slope of bypassing the elected council for changes, but I’m for bypassing council in this case. I don’t believe the behavior the filter prevents should be allowed anywhere public to begin with, and that biases my opinion on the matter a lot.

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“I don’t like it, ignore the playerbase and do it anyways” - What caused a long riot.

Also, fuck you.

Hm yes I don’t like something that’s been prevalent for a very long time and has not caused any issue with the existence of it and I remove it without asking everyone while trying to cover it up and keep it secret? Sorry bro but what I did here was BETTER for you…