Penwin mentor app //ACCEPTED//

**Your CKEY:**Penwin

**Your Discord:**Penwin#3139

**How long have you been playing ss13?:**2 years

**Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:**Someone probably maybe

Game Experience (More Detailed):

My hours on bee dont really do me justice, as ive played for hundreds of hour on toolbox station which sadly doesnt have tracking for hours. I know pretty much everything this game has to offer, fusion Engine setups Co2 SM maxcaps, research bombs xenobio chemistry, just ask me anythin ill answer ya

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Good hours on CE and CMO but overall hours are kinda low

Nah, i’d advice not making this dude mentor due to several reasons

why? 202020202020202020

Yes, as I said my hours on bee don’t really represent how much I’ve played this game, I already know my shit so I decided that waiting to acrew more hours here is unnecessary as I already have a decent ammount

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Please tell don’t leave us hanging like this

lack of hours, aids to play against and numerous situations where his just a shitsec and perma people for the most minimal charges. Not the best when you represent beestation as a mentor

i agree he is a very salty and cancerous individual

Don’t need to be an expert in any one area to provide good advice.

Due to others’ opinions on your conduct, I’m going with a cautious +0.5.

T: 0.5

Nan, I know you don’t like me,and that’s fine, but I belive that the shitsec part is completely unfounded.

As for Kate, I’ve rarely interacted with you so Id take your words with a grain of salt

When I was new to SS13, this is the guy that showed me the ropes, then killed me.
He’s an LRP guy, so it’s expected to have some beef when playing as security. You can have assistants destroying entire departments, but when you arrest them, they call you shitsec and then hold a grudge.

+1 from me.


Input from other mentors/mins would be much appreciated.

3 days, bumping 202020

Penwin is anything but toxic/salty, what are you people on about; also generally pretty knowledgeable so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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I don’t know if you’re serious or not. I’ve seen him be salty quite often.

can vouch most active admin on toolboxrp

fusion Engine setups Co2 SM maxcaps, research bombs xenobio chemistry


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If this is somewhat true, i’ll give him a +1. My version of penwin is a shitsec :slight_smile:

Got 243h alive now :flushed: