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Your CKEY: Penwin

**Your Discord:**Penwin#3139

How long have you been playing ss13?: About two years and a half, maybe a bit more

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Someone might

Game Experience (More Detailed): I am experienced in pretty much every department and was previously a Mentor (Demoted due to innactivity), now that im playing again I wish to be able to answer mhelps

It Is of note that most of my hours are not on bee


Questions oh questions

  • moth or felinid?
  • What the the best brute and burn healing medinces, in respect to how much they heal per life tick?
  • How do you make thermite?
  • what is the TEG?
  • A person ahelps if they can murder a antag as a brig phys. What says you?

Three times the charm



Oxondrolone for burn, Salicilyc Acid for brute

Aluminum Iron and Oxygen 1 part each

A Three tile wide machine made up of one TEG control board and two TEG turbines that creates energy by moving cool air through one side and hot out the other

To ahelp instead, mentors are not supposed to deal with policy issues

Answers are good, +1 from me
+999999999 chose moth over felinid join the moth metagang today

i dotn need to say more i would say they are good

Disregard what I said.

technically it’s the difference of gas but sure

+1 mento gang

Imagine applying for mentor instead of mento

also hours look passable

+1 You’ve been a mentor before. Assuming your recent activity is high enough, I doubt it’ll be long before you’re back
Good history


If they have previous demotion for inactivity, can an admin please post their recent activity?

Waiting for admins to send activity, can we get some more votes meanwhile?

I don’t know if I have the authority to cast votes in these threads, but I think it’s worth shooting you some questions anyway. You have quite a few engineering hours, so I know you understand the fundamentals, but being able to use your understanding modify and improvise your way out of complex problems is incredibly important.

These questions are pretty complex, and don’t have a specific correct answer, but you don’t need to write a short novel for each. Just a confident, correct answer will do, though it would certainly help your case if you could tie your answers to some theory (e.g. “I would straight-pipe x, because pumps clog at high temperatures.”).

  1. How would you optimise the SM with roundstart equipment?

  2. How would you modify the turbine to maximise tritium production?

  3. The SM’s temperature has spiked massively for a reason you can’t explain and is delaminating rapidly. How would you go about fixing this and, if that fails, how would you minimise the damage caused by the SM exploding? Try to answer this question once, assuming you have made the optimisations stated above and again assuming we’re talking about a completely bog-standard SM setup with no optimisations.

  4. Someone in toxins made an oopsie and their lab is filled with 10,000K air. How would you go about fixing this without exposing the rest of science to steamy hot death?

  5. Why do some people consider it a bad idea to replace distro’s gas pump with a volume pump?

  6. How would you re-pressurise a room with a gas can without over-pressurising it?

Though these questions are a bit loaded, its important to be able to teach newer engies good house-keeping once they can grasp the basics, both as a mentor and as a CE.

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The simplest and easiest thing to do of course is replace every single pump in the loop (with the exception of chamber bypass) into a straight pipe, making the only possible bottleneck the filters, all other SM upgrades have to do with either getting gas out of the chamber faster or keeping it colder, for heat management roundstart you can expand/triple layer the cold loop and add a heatexhangeing pipes inside the actual SM chamber exchanging with the pipenet hooked up to the space loop, for scrubbing passive vents are an option further down the line but roundstart I’d just add three new scrubbers.

Make a straight piped path to the turbine 97/3 oxy to plasma composition, add as many scrubbers as they fit and you can expand the burn area by RCDing the inner airlock away, additionally using the best freezer available or a space loop for cooling.

First off check the gas composition in the chamber, if it’s filled with gases not natural to have during a delam or completely missing the standard coolant I’d inmediatly check the filters and start pumping in N2 from atmos, I’d just space the chamber with an RCD afterwards and rebuild the floor when most gases are gone and temperature is falling.

In the case its delaming due to overpressure someone having added a superfluous ammount of coolant I’d just space the SM chamber until reasonable levels are reached.

Any pretty much any SM delam can be fixed by just checking for any possible sabotage and then spacing the chamber while inputting coolant.

Holofan the door as I enter, space the lab and refill it

Because it results in dumping the entirety of the N2 and O2 supply into distro.

Open the can with the pressure set to regular room pressure

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This is good. I find it’s also good to add a filter bypass blocked by a valve, which lets you also skip the filter bottle-neck in emergencies.

This is exactly the answer I hoped for.

If I remember correctly, spacing the SM has been heavily nerfed with the new, much slower atmos physics. Pumping in N2 from atmos is a good response, though I find it hard to prep the atmos pipes in time, assuming I haven’t prepped.

This is correct, but the new slow atmos makes it an agonising wait for that to happen. I’d recommend using the atmos backpack, assuming you can trust anyone to not break the resin before you’re done.

Yes. It also means that unfilled breaches can very quick dump all your pressurised air out into space.

Good. This was a bit of a cop-out simple question, but you usually need to use cans to fill rooms. I wouldn’t be shocked if not many people know what to do in this situation.

All in all, these are incredibly good answers. Some of the older tactics don’t work so well with the recent atmos changes, but that’s nothing to get hung up about.

+1, if I could hand these out.


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Non staff can’t vote so still just a +5, appreciate the questions and such anyway (spacing still works you just need more holes)

Oops. I forgot. I’ll amend my reply.

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Looks gouda to me


T: +6

It’s been 24 days since this was put up and 10 since the last response, not to sound impatient but I’d appreciate this being processed.