Peacefulreligionist Community Banned by Ruko

Title: CKEY Banned by Admin CKEY

CKEY: peacefulreligionist

Admin’s CKEY: ruko

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both, discord, forum

Ban Type: perma

Ban Length: perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 16/07/2020

Round ID: unrelated

Ban Reason: **Ban Reason:**Unironic, strong anti-semitism across all platforms. This is a total community removal.

Appeal Reason: gotta try

Additional Information:
Resume: me bad me said bad shit about a specific group that shouldn’t be targeted because it gives bad image, me learn lesson me wont say bad shit about specific group, me very sorry.

first appeal denied, trying 40 days later.

  • yea it true me won’t say bad shit

how can i know?¿

  • if i say bad shit reban

why should we let you in?

  • it isn’t like i griefed every single game, still can be solved with another ban in case i say bad shit

weren’t you trying to enter again?

  • i did, then i saw it’s pointless to pretend i’m another boi so i stopped and then waited

what the fuck did you do all those 40 goddamn days?

  • apex, lol, banging head on the wall, whatever the fuck

woah but we really were very hurt by you saying bad shit

  • I understand i did wrong to your recently adquired standards, and that you want a different way for the server to go to be able to attract more pepole that want a more SJW culture here so i’ll shut the fuck up.
    I wanna add that i didn’t though a 3 day ban in forums would lead a perma ban everywhere

[awaiting response]


Bruh give him the chance and if he nazis again just sticky ban

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I mean he wrote a fat guide for chemistry along with being gone for 2 months. Fun LRP player that needs to fix his behaviour.

upto ruko really.


You’ll be needing support from more than just me - You were reported with a lot of evidence supporting constant, sometimes subtle antisemitism since the stronger stance was taken, and it was acted on as genuine hate.

If you can contain yourself from making the jokes and jabs though, I’m not against giving another chance personally. I’m going to leave this for other admins to weigh in on for a week or so though.

As someone that knows Taiwan somewhat specially and he plays league of legends , He can restrain from using those type of comments which is highly inappropriate and i seen this from league of legends where he literally doesn’t even dare to comment due to the potentional instant ban system it has.

Just wanted to point this out.

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please unban i miss him alot


If you think you can keep it clean and put any prejudices aside, I don’t mind giving you another shot.

I would recommend dropping the Shekelstein moniker though.

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14 acc bans rip it’s wayyyy too harsh tho

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He’s been playing as Taiwan Formosa Republic of China for like a month before he got banned, so he’s good on that front.
That being said, i miss seeing him on lrp, please unban the gamer


Yes. Give this man a chance.

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We got the host along with Caecilius and ruko voting yes it seems

I’m all for the unbanning if you keep it all under control.


Approved, will unbean shortly - discord unban will follow in a week if you can keep clean on the game and forums.