Pavliko's ban appeal

CKEY: Pavliko

Admin’s CKEY: YoshimiWasTaken

Is this for both servers or just one?: Both

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date 10/10/2020

Round ID: 22429

Ban Reason: Killing people and spacing them for no forseeable reason.

Appeal Reason: It was a ling round, I respawned as a ling spawned teratoma.
The moment I spawned(in genetics maint) the geneticist came to talk to me and asked me to kill the HOS and also with the magic of genetics made me look like a human being(I even asked if this is permament).
After causing havoc I got arrested multiple times(almost got cremated by sec once but was let go).

The last time I got arrested was for killing the HOS with a riot shotgun and yelling to crew that hos was a ling.
On the shuttle I got arrested for that by a sec officer but I had enough time to uncuff myself and space the officer that cuffed me in the first place

Additional Information:
I’ll admit that I’m fairy new to playing as a teratoma and I feel bad for killing 2 people but even so I think a perma ban is too cruel

Ling teratomas are allowed to kill, Yoshimi probably overlooked this.
I played the round so I can confirm geneticist was turning teratomas into humans.

If everything he is saying is true, this ban is bogus. the maint spawn teratoma should be given a different name or a hotel staff esque antag tag to monitor it and keep it separate from ling tomas

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If you were a tera your job is to cause chaos in any way possible, you should be allowed to kill people as it’s your objective.

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You can’t cause chaos and misery if there is no one alive but yourself to suffer. Maint teratoma should not be able to kill. Personally, I like breaking every light and APC i can get my hands on. It really pisses people off. Its easiest to work from arrivals down. Cargo always gets really mad once their APC goes down. other annoying ass things you can due include taking a mining pod capsule from an escape pod and placing it in a hallway, blocking everyone coming through, breaking consoles but not all the way just to where the glass is broken but not removed, going to dorms or outside of atmos and wrenching in the scrubbers and setting them to just scrub O2 and N2 to cause all sorts of atmos alarms to go off in those areas, honestly I could go on but this isnt the thread for that.

basically, maint teratomas shouldn’t kill unless certain conditions are met. I think they should be able to fight people in self defense instead of laying down and dying, and recently I was a teratoma who got podded after dying, then turned into a rev, which made me a real antag.

Ban was probably because admin didn’t know it was a toma, if you get turned into human as toma and cause chaos a bwoink would be expected.

he was ling teratoma which is allowed to kill

My apologies, the round was stretching and I had no response. I see now why I mixed that up, I’ll unban you ASAP

I am fully aware of the fact that he was a ling teratoma, I was just replying to him saying all teratomas should be able to kill.

No worries, when round ended I went for a smoke and came back only after 10 minutes.
It was nice to have a break and do something productive instead