Paradise bad

Don’t play on paradise its just a bad server dont go there for your sanity the horrors

They got vampire though.

Admins are mentally challenged tho

Welcome to Space Station 13


they got shadowling doe :flushed:

Still banned from Paradise from back in 2014 for getting 14-20 people vented from the station as a cultist.


EW para code
20 char

paracode is ew but vampires and shadowlings and buckling people to atmos pipes hmmm


you can buckle people to atmos pipes here.
It’s just kinda precise.
I recall because one of my fav ways to deal with tators when shuttle is coming is to cuff, straightjacket, and buckle in maint.

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How do you pipe buckle people

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Pipe Buckle guide (alt click to open tile tab)


para’s rounds are pretty stable, basically everyone does their jobs. there’s some really nice random stuff too like the tcomms rework.

it’s just lacking in features (e.g. engineering, sci) and is low on RP

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