Pallad1um banned by victorpride

CKEY: pallad1um

Admin’s CKEY: victorpride

Game Ban

Ban Type: Timed

Ban Length: 30 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 10/17/2019

Round ID: 8085

Ban Reason: Used a syndie bomb on arrivals, highly damaging the shuttle, as a non-antag. Didn’t respond to ahelp. Explain on forums.

Appeal Reason: I clicked the beacon in a shuttle to see what it did, it popped down this black square thingy which was a bomb and I was never Syndicates, kind of should’ve expected what it did to be honest since I’ve seen it before. Clicked it and entered a time and set it off and realised what I did and couldn’t disable it. Told people to run away since I knew it’d blow up and honestly this sounds stupid but I tried to put a locker over it to stop it. Went off and met this dude who was near by the bomb and told him I had to afk for a bit, told him he can kill me if he wants and I went for about 15 minutes. Came back and was banned.

Honestly I don’t really expect to get responded to since it was quite stupid, what I did. Just wanted to let the admin know so it gets cleared up.

Additional Information: Again, just wanted to say sorry since it was stupid of me to mess with this beacon in a pod. I can’t really blame you for banning me since I’d do the same, especially since I didn’t respond. I’m sorry.

You have quite a few hours on this server, you must know what a Syndie bomb is by now even if you haven’t used one personally. You also have a repeated habit of bombing the escape shuttle as non-antag, which inclines me to think you just like griefing, and you flagrantly ignored our rules on not messing with the arrivals shuttle.

So no, I’m not going to reduce or remove this ban immediately just because you appealed. When some time has passed then perhaps I’ll consider it, and maybe you;ll have better luck asking at a later date but no I’m not reducing it immediately just because.

Who’s the approving admin? If this guy has a good number of hours and previous notes for bombing shuttle I agree with the ban.