pAI in the beecoin shop

Contrary to popular belief a lot of people use pAI, but I noticed a problem. (mostly on MRP since we only have box and pubby) The only way to get a pAI is to go out of your way on the low pop maps, and the solution you could say is “just make more”, but honestly no one goes through the effort of it. To fix this how about we have a beecoin shop item that gives you a pAI when you spawn in, giving someone a chance to play and people who want to download one who can’t leave their department to get one.


Science can literally print them

As I said no one I have seen has went through the trouble of printing them except on LRP, considering the low pop of MRP there’s no ghosts so no one actually makes more

A PAI has actual in game effects, door jacking, mulebots, medhud, host scan, shitsec hud.

You know we could also just fix the pAI spawns on box so they are more open for anyone, like put a pAI with the curator one in science and one at the bar that could also be a good fix to this

Why don’t they already have one? Also, let me hide items in toilets please.

The only two box pAI spawns are in the out of the way forms, and the rd’s office

Heh, if you didn’t play felind you could say


no that is human harm


you do not have access


You can nerd. Get a crowbar, and be the toilet smuggler.

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For me the main problem has been geting a person to be a PAI. Yesterday I spent practicaly 3 hours trying to get one so I could test my bot and never got one. Today I a manged to get get one by gosting and then tell pepole to take a PAI in ooc chat. So i final got to test it. But if I have to go though that much truble to get a PAI having to print one is nothing

I think the idea is good.

Pai have no downsides, who is really into it will gladly take this chance to always spawn with ones, for all the others this is not even an issue and so it will stay.

Plus it will offer anyone who is ghosting a chance to come back into play and interact with others.

I would gladly see this implemented, after all is nothing game changer for the majority, but for a small minority that do likes them and for all the ones doomed to watch as powerless ghosts, it can means the world.

I had this idea too. I was gonna add it to the beeshop probably soonish if qwert approves it.

In one sense, I see where the supporters of this idea are coming from, (always nice to get ghosts back in) but I have to disagree. They’re basically ghetto hacking tools, easy to obtain sec/med huds, decent decievers, (I’ve seen them lure people into traps) and informant watch dogs, (very difficult to kill the owner without the pAI alerting everyone) which make them invaluable tools for both traitors and crew men.

Considering it is incredibly easy to produce one, with all the advantages they grant the user, and the lengths you have to go to disable them, (you have to EMP them, then kill their host, then find where he hid the pAI, and delete it before it screams your location over comms. Considering the average player has three places that their pAI can be hidden, and it takes a decent amount of time to kill people in most fights, that’s a big deal.) I personally think it’s better you don’t have them roundstart.

Well there’s usually like no pais anyways. Truth be told I only see about 2 at any given time.

And they be blasting jojos

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Does 5k sound fair? Or 10k?

Just add a second and third antag token for 10k each, I want to be able to kill the HoS round start by just throwing antag tokens at him without picking any of them back up.

Well I think 5k are absolutely good, 10k may be pricy but still affodable.

I don’t think going more than 10k might be nice.

To be honest the beecoin pAI idea is more just to fix the issue of someone taking all the pAI and hoarding them and never activating them, just getting them to block off any ghosts from playing.
10k would be a pretty reasonable price, all things considered