Pablo Whiskey Player Report for lOOC Threats and General Shittery

In-game report:

   Title: [Pablo Whiskey] Player Report
   CKEY: Slyonic

   Your Discord: Slyonic#1965

   Offender’s CKEY: I don't know

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Pablo Whiskey

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 7-29-20

   Round Number: I don't know how to pull this up.

   Rules Broken: 2 Be Excellent to Each Other & 7 Meta and Communications

   Incident Description: 

Please consider what I have to say before making presumptions for me maining sec. I was playing HoS since I late joined and I got reports of traitors. I was in medical and I decided to check maint. I found a debtor there and I was going to ask to check their bag but they released a circuit that kept trying to take my blood (I assume that this was to help their escape) I chased them down and I used nonlethals to bring them down. I tried to destroy the bloodsucking circuit but then they got up and ran again. I gave chase again, however this time they attempted to use the stealth box that makes you invisible at a space airlock like a dumbass. I stunned them again but since I had harm intent on because I was trying to destroy the circuit earlier I ended up stunning them again but with minor damage done. I then cuffed and buckled them to a wheelchair. I ended up dragging them around as I dealt with threats to the station since brig got bombed in the first ten minutes. This caused them to start going on a tirade about how I had no proof and how I needed to let them go immediately. I did a quick search on them and I found a PDA message from the CMO to stay alive which immediately told me that they’re BB (which I later figured out they were both syndicate incursion or whatever it’s called.) They also had sec glasses and a bowman headset (as debtor, again) With this evidence and them explicitly going invis and using a traitor item I thought it was enough evidence to prove that they’re valid and salad.

However they kept bitching for the whole round that I’ve got no proof and they eventually went to using looc threats of an admin report if I don’t let them go with lines such as “I wonder if this will be a good admin report” (paraphrasing). Eventually I did get bwoinked by @PowerfulBacon However the person writing the report purposefully left out much of the details I listed out before, making me seem like I was just a validhunting pos who basically permabrigged without any substantial evidence which I did have. During my conversation with powerfulbacon I forgot many of important details behind why they were arrested because I was in the middle of an ai subversion with shocked and bolted doors, people accusing me of being a ling, some science guy with a concussive blast wand, and medical borgs trying to kill me.

In the end I believe that I did the right thing but the way that this guy acted during the whole thing is unacceptable with the admin threats and the constant insults. During this I mentioned in IC that I was going to report them to centcom for threatening to report me which now I see isn’t alright but I had to give an IC reason to the sec officer that I had following me since they were waiting for me as I dealt with this shitbag. (I also wanted to see if that would shut them up which it didn’t, they bitched even more)

   Additional Information:

I would like to set a precedent here since this is something I’ve dealt with a lot in the past. Even if this guy doesn’t get in any trouble, it would mean a lot to me if rule 7 was enforced more for sec officers who constantly have to deal with the toxic shitters who keep threatening to report us to the admins no matter the reason. Even if they killed someone in cold blood (this actually happened). In some cases I even had to let go of antags because of how annoying they were with their looc bullshit. As an officer I try to be reasonable and polite as I ask to search bags, ask for context before engaging, using lethals only when necessary and things of that nature. However stuff like this has made maining sec an absolute nightmare at times since we also gotta deal with everyone on the station calling us shitsec every 30 seconds.

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Yeah, its a big shame people forget that we actually need security. And the iooc is annoying at best, since the shitter couldve easily reported without bringing it to ic, which would be the right thing to do. But i personally think that the guy just has his salt speaking, and instead of induring his rambling, you couldve strapped him into a restraining jacket and silence him, since the guy wont shut up about “admins” whatever the fuck that is. This would let him avoid the ban and let you take your revenge on him, since the be excellent rule is out of the window

I see your point however muzzles don’t prevent looc messages from sending which he adamantly used

Ooooooh you mean looc? Well thats just a giant pile of dogshit as is, unless you are using it for giving tips to newbies it is a guaranteed salt venter

well he gave away enough to prove him valid, you had reason to perma him. Him being a shitter and using LOOC to salt is very mean, note his ass mins.

Threats and foul-mouthery is 100% allowed IC, but using LOOC to convey this should no longer be considered IC and should be handled as any other OOC threats. That’s just my thoughts.

I haven’t got the logs in front of me so I can’t speak for certain about the degree of rules he might have broken over LOOC, but I think it’s important we set a precedent for this lest people start pointing to situations like these when they are saying things in LOOC that would be allowed IC, but not elsewhere.

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using LOOC to salt IG should be bannable.

The main problem that I have isn’t the salting itself, since I play a lot of sec it’s expected and a nonissue. The problem comes from these guys using OOC to try to get out of IC issues. Basically he threatened to call an admin if I didn’t let him go in LOOC, which I think clearly breaks rule 7 of metacomms.

I don’t know how to pull up logs however powerfulbacon should know which round it was and get the logs, if he isn’t busy doing something else.

Unfortunately each round dived into can take approximately 20 mins for a short ticket. I’ve spent upwards of an hour and a half on griefy ones before.

That day there were 23 rounds and they are purely listed by round number, not time or any other info just image fuck my shit up fam.

So unfortunately without a round number this will be pretty much unresolveable.
The round ID of every round is in the status panel, 3rd from the top, accessible at all times by all players.

If you are ever unhappy with a decision from an admin please check there, gather all the info you need or want before the round ends and fill out a player report like you have done there. Due to the above issue will have to reject this on lack of info. The post will auto close in two days incase any other info can be found.

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