Owen McShain player report topic already used moment

In-game report:

   Title: Owen McShain player report
   CKEY: Archanial

   Your Discord: Mista Nailbrain#9048

   Offender’s CKEY: No idea tbh

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Owen

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07-01-2020

   Round Number: 17925

   Rules Broken: 2, 3, 5 and 9

Incident Description: We arrive in the same time, mid round. I see Owen afk decide to shove him on the arriving shuttle a few times until he commes back. He eventually commes back and tries to shove me back. I pull out flash to flash and run away like a coward I am but I miss a few time and he gets the flash. Now he puts cuffs on me, strips me down stealing all my security stuff. The brig physician arrives and uncuffs me. I chase Owen with stun baton but he stuns me with disabler and cuffs me again. Now he proceds to run with me around, we eventually end up in dorms when he beats me to crit and tries to run away from another officer. I end up badly injured, and after some healing I come to wide open brig where I see Owen already looting stuff and obviously wanting to get my ID back I chase him. He pulls the same trick with disabler and has me in cuffs then proceds to beat me to death.

Additional Information: It’s worth to mention I was security officer and Owen was an assistant. I didn’t use lethal force on him yet he killed me and put me to crit before (because shitsec or some other dumb reason). I believe Owen didn’t roleplay his job by killing me (even though I tried to speak with him and play it off as a joke). We both weren’t excelent to each other but holy shit he stole everything I had. Also something something powergaming, stealing from brig just after stealing secs ID.

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am i reading this right? this happened almost six months ago?

You are not reading this right.


what do you mean
The report clearly says the date format is MONTH-DAY-YEAR, this saays 01-07-2020, january 7th, 2020

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maybe you live in australia or the uk

smh my head
fixed aaaa

Also, your story makes no fucking sense
You shove someone for no reason as security officer, then try to attack them when they fight back?
You broke space law as sec and got your shit confiscated by someone you attacked, who was likely planning on returning them or keeping them. It’s fairly reasonable to assume security might be gangified or had their mindshield removed if they’re attacking randoms. Not to mention attacking people on the arrivals shuttle is a bannable offense…
This is just the first part of the story


We were on arrival shuttle, I couldn’t be rogue.

How was owen supposed to know that you just joined if you supposedly attacked him as sec on the arrivals shuttle while he was SSD?

Because it says so in the chat. I don’t consider shoving him an attack.

I join MRP and I’m initially AFK in the arrival shuttle. Homeboy spamshoves me, I come back into the game and while active he continues it. I respond and he whips out the flash and gets bamboozled by his own tool. This escalates to a certain point with him scream bloody murder around even though him for no reason at all attacking me at the arrival shuttle. Somehow smells like a grudge or at best just absolute shitsec powercomplex.

I eventually get jailed because ‘‘you shouldn’t attack security’’ and in classic MRP fashion there’s no communication about the subject. I’m not saying LRP is better in that regard but for a server that is about roleplay security on MRP is really atrocious.

Dude persists later on, no admins on and I don’t feel like getting removed out of the round by an asshole who attacks me unprovoked just for existing so I delete him.

Fucking bruh moment report. Why would you roundstart attack some one, then try to use sec tools on them when they defend themself, persist in that behaviour even when you get bamboozled and the person didn’t show intent to kill (if it was LRP I would’ve just killed you) then report.

I’m not going into a chain of arguments with you about this since I see you typing. You roundstart attacked me for no reason and escalated it when I defended myself on a medium roleplay server.

@Caecilius Could you look into this please, logs perhaps?

Have you tried reading my story?
I don’t kill prisoners, I didn’t use lethat force on you. I just wanted my stuff back.
I scream murder because you attacked me in dorms (also a ling attacked me there too).
I shoved you, tried flashing you. You cuffed me, stole all my stuff and then critted and killed me. Does it seem like appropriate response?
It’s obvious I will chase you because you stole my ID. You exactly knew what was gonna happen.
Le’ts not start 100 post argument here and let admins decide.

you say you won’t start an argument
proceeds to argue
supreme bruh moment

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Your own words chief. You assaulted me on the arrival shuttle while you were a security officer for no reason, then tried to flash me for defending myself.

I killed you later on when you came for me, again, after I was already wrongfully jailed for defending myself against you when you incriminated me for doing so.

The fact that you wrote a report on this just shows you have no ability to self-reflect on your actions.

I killed you later on when you came for me, again, after I was already wrongfully jailed for defending myself against you when you incriminated me for doing so.

You stole my stuff and critted me in dorms. That’s enough to perma you alone and wasn’t self defence at all.
Also, I think I am allowed to “come at someone” to arrest them non-lethaly because they stole all my stuff.

I’m not saying I acted perfectly here but your response was out of the line and extreme.

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You have a literal dent in your skull, not even ironically. You feel like you can just roundstart attack people on the arrival shuttle as a security officer (arrival shuttle grief is a banneable offence antag and non-antag wise), trying to flash them when they respond back, while getting the person you assaulted arrested and jailed.

Then later on again try to harass the same individual and subsequently get killed for it, then cry because you got your ass beat.

Contrary to popular belief sec department isn’t there to abuse other players chief. This would’ve all been alot different had you not started this unprovoked on the arrival shuttle and kept it going on.

@GameAdmin can some one look at this please


bruh moment my bad unga

My last response, seems like you’re not getting my point.
I don’t consider shoving you a few times and then flashing you “a banneable offence” or a serious attack. I got you arrested because you stole my stuff and critted me in dorms and later approached you because I wanted to get MY stuff back (I didn’t even know you were jailed). Also you had a lot of security stuff on you and I had a reason to suspect you raided the armory while it was open.
Self defence is flashing me then running away to report me to the HoS. Self defence is also cuffing me. Critting me (while I was cuffed) and stealing my stuff is not self defence.
It’s also worth to note that after killing me you didn’t try to revive me or get me to medbay, instead you chose to dispose my body.
I didn’t try to abuse you, I played it as a joke because it was one. It’s not LRP, it’s MRP. Don’t take shoves too seriously.

You said you weren’t going to argue
you’re here arguing
you misspelled multiple things in your post
at this point I can’t tell if you’re shitposting or just dumb
you refuse to admit you’re wrong and you’re purposefully leaving out parts of the story to make yourself look better
just wait on caecillius or another admin to show up

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