Opinions? fuck 10 character limit fuck qwerty fuck be-

Opinion: there is a thread for handling this issue already

im not sure what you are on about

Ignoring the fact he broke server rules, but ok, start a new thread.

im already permabanned from both ingame and discord, and no, this is not advertising the thread, but instead making a satire bot to show your automatic responses to criticism

Epic. Carry on, citizen.

epic indeed

fuck 20 character limit who thought this was a good idea. fuck qwerty

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this is god tier funny

So what’s the prompt for the bot?

Implying this is on beestation

nono, i made this to make a meme. its a S E L F B O T

ah okay

20 chars
20 chars

Alright now THIS is shit posting.

now this is podracing meme x20

Time to make a shitposting bot, but now I need to figure out how to make it post with that nice box with the colored line on the side