Oo7craigmc ruling disagreement / Yertus Player report

CKEY: Wrill

Your Discord: Wrill#3352

Offender’s CKEY:
Handling admin: oo7craigmc
Reported Player: Yertus

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):
Reported player: Beckah Merryman
Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 9/21/2022

Round Number: 40497

Rules Broken (if relevant):
R1: You must roleplay

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant):

Incident Description:
I spawned as a member of charliestation with another player, while an explo was going after their target. Both of them died, so we revived the target first and asked them who they were, why there were here etc (to which they gave some hard to understand response) and then let them go onto the explo’s ship and leave. They do not do this, they instead wait until we revive the assasinating explorer and interrogate them aswell, until we uncuff them and let them go too.

However, just as we let the explorer go, the target decides to start a plasmafire that kills all of us (Including themself) except the other charliestation member. I ahelp this because R1, it does not make any IC sense to stay near the person trying to kill you, let them get revived and then start a plasmafire to kill everyone including yourself while many other options are available, especially when your objectives are to survive.

It is marked as an IC issue, and a few moments later when I ask them why they did it in dchat, they give this clearly sensible response that indicates a high level of roleplay.

DEAD: Beckah Merryman says, “i made the plasma fire because it was funny”

Additional Information: They also at one point said "Beckah Merryman says, “My nae is waltr white.” though this was already handled by Oo7craigmc in the round.


This was handled by me too.

I’ll edit it then.

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