Oo7craigmc Admin Report - Noboto Ban

CKEY: WhereAmO

Your Discord: WhereAmI#0929

Offender’s CKEY: oo7craigmc but specifically concerning Nobotos recent ban

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Apologies, I’ve lost the chat logs for this, but Noboto was playing as a HoP

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 2022 Jul 30th

Round Number: 39,600

Rules Broken (if relevant): Unsure for oo7craigmc, but Noboto likely broke: 1 7 15

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Apologies, I’m unsure, I’d just like the players behaviour properly looked into.

Incident Description: I believe I joined the round part-way though, as an observer, eventually taking a pirate spawn. At the time, Noboto was the HoP/Acting Captain who, as we were skedaddling from the station with our loot, complained about us pirates over comms being gay and “Being sneaky like gays are” or something along those lines.

(Again, apologies, I’ve lost the exact chat logs though my ahelps in-round should provide the actual wording)

I ahelped this, where oo7craigmc said they were looking into it, and during this Noboto proceeded to state “I can’t take this anymore”, which I think was meant to mean us Pirates not giving them a proper fight? At which point, they commited suicide via a shotgun, which, to say the least, is absolutely horrific conduct as a Head of Staff. I mentioned this to oo7craigmc, I continued on with being a pirate, and then the round ended shortly afterwards.

Later on, I glanced into recent bans and noticed that Noboto had been given a Single Day long sever ban, and a three day command ban, which to me is far far faaar too low for this behaviour, and the ban didn’t mention the weird vaugely homophobic comments about gay people. Also apparently they disconnected from the ticket?

Additional Information: Noboto is a player with 300 hours, since 2020. I thought maaaybe the player was given lenience due to being a new player, but, nope!


Did a quick glance, and for your information, I’ve said this in another report for someone else too but, there are punishment that you as a player have zero business knowing. You do not know a given person’s past history, you don’t know if they were cooperative or rude in the ticket unless explicitly stated, you do not know if this is the person’s first or fifth offense. All these private factors are taken into account when deciding a punishment.

Not really a directed comment, but just an FYI


Even if it is first offense, that’s pretty offensive conduct and disconnecting mid-ticket has always been perma until explained properly almost without exception including very minor offenses.

It is explicitly stated they disconnected mid-ticket, and from the provided context and perspective of @WhereAmI it seems like they reacted to getting bwoinked with a “what really?” attitude and bordered on ragequitting.

I must regain my honor.



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*cough. Though I’ve heard the headmins are vaugely busy/on leave for a little bit, so I guess it’ll take a bit longer. Ah well!

And now they’ve recently been banned for 2 weeks for more continued poor HoP conduct.

I’m really unsure if this player is here in good faith, considering they seem to consistently play HoP/Command and want to fight/validhunt/all that. If they continued this behaviour from the 3 day ban mentioned here, then I doubt they’ll change from a 2 week ban either.

86 days bump.

Yes this is 15 characters and a sentence and all that.

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103 day bump, wonder if we can get to half a year?


The understaffing situation isn’t that bad is it?

There’s currently two active headmins, Fresh and Llol. Crossed has popped in to do some staff reports a little while back and Fresh has been doing the majority the past few months. Only these people can handle staff reports.

Also sorry for the vauge peanut?

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Seeking resolution to your report is not a peanut.

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Alrighty. I apologize for the huge delay. There really isn’t any excuse for it so I’m not even going to say anything apart from sorry.

To get to the actual report. Overall @oo7craigmc could’ve definitely been a bit harsher here. Noboto already had a history in regards to LRP behavior. They have been talked to about this situation and about the fact that a 1 day ban was a bit too lenient. The “homophobic” stuff you mentioned here was dealt with and handled.

Normally this would’ve lead to the ban being adjusted but considering the fact that they got command and server banned after this situation already and it being so long ago I would just leave it as is. Their ban has been escalated through another situation, and said ban would be more than over already at this point. Thank you for the report!

Report accepted