One more day one more asshole

I joined the game at 10 minutes as QM, only to come across a Cargo nut who was selling all CARGONIA, and the whole question means literally all.
He had already broken into the room of the miners and sold part of my office.
So far, ok, “another fanatic Cargo”, but when I reprimanded him I was ignored, then insulted and then attacked. I managed to steal his ID and took it to HoP to make him just an Assistant, but HoP was absent, OK, so I took it to security but guess what? didn’t care.
When I return to my Cargonia I find it broken into and my other Cargo saying that Vlad had stolen his ID.
I tried to expel the madman but I almost died with such a beating.
With security doing nothing, my CARGONIA was full of strangers since it was broken into and security guards screaming for mindshield while a crazy guy beat me and ran, I just committed suicide so I could talk about it with Admin.
During my wait, the crazy Cargo killed my trusty employee, the same one that he has already stolen the ID, and continued breaking our machines and selling everything over and over.

Unfortunately Round end before ADMIN could verify

Use the template in #player-input:player-reports. That’ll help us identify and process this kind of report.

Unless you’re not really reporting them and are just venting.

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