Old man Henry LeBlanc player feedback

The 62 years old war Veteran with physical (and mental !) traumas.

Henry was my first character on Bee in 2019 and on private servers in 2017.

Used to do restaurant chef gimmick with them but it doesn’t seem to really work so I just put tables with food on the counter instead. As detective, I like to harass the HoS for the HUD eyepatch and constantly walk to mimick a limp. Tried my hand on warden recently, will most likely try HoS and later, maybe, Captain.

I would love to know if I need to improve anything with my character from what you’ve seen so far, be it in RP or playstyle ! (don’t hesitate and add anything else)

silly paint Henry (in the middle)

I love to create backstories to my characters ! Did you know that he has two brothers?

I appreciate any inputs, thanks for taking your time !

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I like Henry although I don’t get much interaction with 'em cause I barely touch Security

Love to know you’re a roleplayer though! Already makes me a lot more interested in seein’ ya

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