Ok heres a do you like jimmy brickets/bluezorua thread

i know most of you probally dont even know me but hey for the few people out there


I gave you LRP pass, Use it.

Not an asshole assistant main, good in my book

my sole principle is

being mean is not nice

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Not lrp material, sad

Not lrp material, good.

Close eyes, build shuttle.

bumbing this up after my goal is to become the most hated catboy

Abandoned humanity to be a felinid, i have lost all hope


said the lizard main


You are proceeding well, but it is not enough. The felinid gang will not see the irony and will like you.
Do what i did, and make your felinid look like an old man, while acting like a complete weeb. Only when you are almost lynched on sight will you be able to consider your goal reached.

I will never change the brickets look, so the old man strat doesn’t work well, but I know how to anger the felinids aswell

Based hat stealer. 20 character limit

fuck jimmy brickets, i will never forget that one time he killed my gift to the RD

bumping cus everyone is doing this

I shot some random guy in a radiation suit who happened to be wearing your ID, does that say enough?

I should probably specify I am no longer trying to be the most hated catboy and am now just a regular human

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bumping because uhhhhh

current chars:
Jimmy Brickets
Red Bricketson

Yeah well your reputation is still stuck in hated catboy territory for me. You and Desmond Lyle both.

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sounds like a nerd