Nyanolina banned by Tyranicranger4

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Temp until 24th
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2023-08-19 10:11:39
2023-08-19 10:11:48
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Low-tier “botany grief”
Appeal Reason:
Ban not reported in any way ingame, “grief” was end of shift stupidity, with no roleplay/progress being affected. Is it not “roleplaying” to do/create mistakes as a job performer? Also, if I recall that shift was going for about +2h, giving a 5day ban on a role, for a 10 minute end game gag, seems excesive.
Additional Information:
Since it took me ages to find this (or even realize the server ban happened), I dont recall fully for that specific shift, but it is “regular” behaviour, that at the end of shift, everyone just goes “loose” since the shift is “over”. Usually the whole CC goes up in flames, and everyone gets massacered. In my case, noone died from it, nothing majorly changed the plot, nor did the outcome of the shift change, other then a few more “meows” at the end credits.
Just a feature request: the ban or reason for it, being available ingame, would be great.

Full ban reason

Low-tier botany grief. As a non-antagonist Botanist made slippery smoke plants containing Felinid mutation toxin, space lube, and mute toxin and threw them all over departures and the evacuation shuttle. Doesn’t make much sense to do in-character, in addition to force species changes generally being considered self antag. Created as the result of a player report from round ID ‘45362’, [Unknown] Felinid Mutation toxin griff Player Report

The ban was issued because you started wreaking havoc before the shuttle docked at CC and the shift officially ended.

As Wilson said, you started lubing the entire shuttle mid ftransit, alongside throwing smokes that made people into felinids.

As per our rules, you’re not allowed to start ‘‘causing chaos/EORG(end of round grief)’’ until the round is finally over (credits start rolling, if you have them enabled and the End of Round Report screen appears)

Also at the same time:

Is it not “roleplaying” to do/create mistakes as a job performer?

I doubt your character had any reasonable reason or motive to lube up the entire shuttle and convert people into felinids, your job is not to do that kind of ‘‘performances’’, while yes, people ‘‘meowing’’ might be tame, lubing the shuttle is not, that can easily cause people to slip off the shuttle mid-transit and causing them to end up dead

And finally, it’s also against the rules(Powergaming) to prepare and bring stuff exclusively to utilize on Centcom as part of EORG, for example a Scientist shouldn’t be detonating a maxcap the moment centcom lands, because that means they purposedely made it to detonate it ‘‘for funsies’’ when the round ended, which breaks the Roleplay rule, powergaming rule, etc even if the round is technically over, so if you would’ve started throwing death neetles full of acid that you grew exclusively to use on EORG during the last minutes of the shift that also a rule break.

I mostly commented since i was involved in the incident, the rest is for the admins to review.

This is irrelevant.

You began before the shuttle had even departed. End of round grief doesn’t begin until the round has completely ended. Disregarding server rules and acting out-of-character before the round has ended is harmful to the overall atmosphere we’re trying to cultivate.

Consistently gassing people with mute toxin, space lube, and race changing toxins hardly comes across as just being a ‘mistake’.

You can use the ‘View-Admin-Remarks’ verb ingame to view your notes, which includes active and past bans. If it’s a server ban that’s still active, then you’ll be met with the reason upon attempting to connect to the server.

I believe the ban to be valid, same way I considered it valid when I applied it. None of what you’ve said here seems to meaningfully contest the ban. Do you have anything else to add?

The points made here do not impact the validity of this ban in any meaningful way. Appeal denied.