Note Ruling disagreement

CKEY:Ice Type

IC name:Catherine Brown

Admin CKEY: ?

Admin name: Not_a_Shark

Severe: Eorg prep. As the RD, brought a TTV onto the shuttle. Claimed “it’s valuable technology that my payed for” as part of their IC reason, but also admitted it was partly for “EORG fun”. Has been reminded that a head should not bring a Bomb onto the emergency shuttle unless there is a very good reason.

I’m fine with a note and all, I just think it’s too severe, due to the amount of prep involved. I already had an inert TTV in the locker I was bringing for completely in character purposes, and the only prep I did was attaching a detonator onto it. I think that, considering this prep tool no time and didn’t effect my rp whatsoever, it’d be fairer to make this a moderate note instead.

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Notes are a form of record, not punishment.

As in I think a big red !!! is a bit much.