Note appeal Yobrocharlie

Title: Daniel Cola banned by Chiryn

Daniel Cola
Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Not a ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
I dont know but the note was applied on
2022-08-16 07:51:22
Ban Reason:
It was a note and the reason was for power gaming

As chaplain, took insulated gloves, toolbelt, health hud, first aid kit, and advanced sunglasses. Disconnected before I could bwoink. ~ I also took suit sensor monitor and crew pin pointer I think.

Appeal Reason:
Additional Information:
I do a chaplin paramedic gimmick which I got permission from lollii to do


You don’t inherently need insuls, tools, and flash protection to do a paramedic gimmick.

If you have a specific in-round reason to grab them then by all means do so, but just having a ‘gimmick’ doesn’t exempt you from power-gaming rules.

sorry to peanut post, but isn’t it state somewhere in rules that allow paramedics to break into rooms by hacking and using tools because they don’t always have access?

No, in fact it is explicitly forbidden with insuls and tools listed as examples.

I’m taking these tools just in case there is an emergency somewhere I can’t access.

If someone is dying behind closed doors the paramedic doesn’t have access to, the paramedic should not have drop of the pin access to that place. The paramedic should coordinate with others who do, citing the emergency or else find the means to force entry after the emergency has presented itself.

Speaking from a purely game design standpoint, if Paramedics were intended to have emergency AA, it would be built into their job.

This is true for Janitors and Security as well, and all three jobs are notorious for swiping tools and insuls they shouldn’t have.


Not explicitly, no, see Ruko’s message.

Also they were a Chaplain not a Paramedic anyway.


Your CKEY is your byond username by the way, not your IC name.


Considering that there’s no contention towards whether or not you had the equipment I see no reason to remove the note, as I believe it to be accurate.

Do not seek out or acquire equipment not relevant to your job without a proper in character reason. Having a gimmick in mind does not completely sidestep this, although if done properly you may see a bit more wiggle room.

Notes are a form of recordkeeping and are not a punishment.