Not megatron banned by Kasual

Not megatron

Admin’s CKEY:

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Ban Type:

Ban Length:
2 weeks
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
slapping people with reverse bear traps because “I’m sorry i’ve just never seen this before and it’s very exciting. and also 100%(?|F) survivable.” They are mindshielded sec and I got 3 tickets about it in the 15 minutes I was off of MRP. Auth Azlanon Appeal at Edit! Due to number of people bear trapped, reapplication of traps, MRP, and Sec extending server ban to 2 weeks. Auth Lago
Appeal Reason:
Okay first of all everything I did was EXTREMELY entertaining, and only one person died from this, Valery-The-Lazers, someone my character is ICly friendly with, and they were immediately cloned

That said, I did successfully kill a whole lot of bananium golems with this, but they’re bananium golems for christssake! There’s nothing MRP about clown golems so to accuse me of RP crimes for killing clown golems is… eyebrow raising to say the least. I did this under the assumption that stinky clown golems weren’t protected by the rules so if I’m mistaken, that’s on me.
Aside from the golems, I put this onto about 4 crewmembers, 1 of whom was the traitor I initially found the trap on, and another put it on voluntarily. 2 weeks seems a little harsh for what was (mostly) harmless fun. I even put it on myself a couple of times!
Additional Information:
Yes I accept your apology in advance <3
I should have mentioned that I don’t think the ban should be lifted, just shortened.

This just feels like you are saying “It’s ok because I had fun while doing it”.
The RP server is RP for a reason, rather than just do what you want because its funny to do so

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Bananium golems arent valid

No, that was more of a side-note. I’d only ever say it’s okay because the people around me had fun doing it, but it seems this time they didn’t.

And uhhhh lesson learned I wont do it again, how about 1 week instead?

honestly, they should be. The last interaction I had with a bananium golem was so negative that I basically celebrated when I found his decapitated body later.

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Seems a decent ban. Constantly accruing tickets, notes and bans. It’s fair they keep getting longer till you stop needing them.

I like how you don’t even dispute that you needed to be forced off of the server, as you were making it unfun for a number of other people, and actually agree this is what you were doing.

See, I have a problem with this attitude. I’d be happy to go down the list and go over each note in detail- easily half of them should have been removed by now, and the only reason they haven’t is because I’m too lazy to appeal them. This is like that thing about how once you go to prison once you’re much more likely to go back because hE hAs A hIsToRy. In my eyes this is the first and only ban that I really earned, and being treated like a delinquent because of a bunch of questionable notes… it just doesn’t sit right with me.

And yeah I was making it unfun for a bunch of characters that literally exist to annoy people (which again I thought they were valid, sorry :frowning:) and I can’t confirm this part but I think several of the bear trappings have been wrongfully attributed to me. I had a bit of a following by the time I got banned, you see.

And to beat a dead horse: I was only responsible for one crew death, and they were cloned immediately. It was just a prank bro

There are people on the server with single, two, three notes from a long time ago that play regularly and have since stopped getting notes after being told the behaviour was bad.

You keep getting them, from multiple admins. Yes the previous ones are a factor but you even stated this is something you needed to be banned for. So disregarding previous notes you still would be banned.
Same in the case where you got beaned by me recently which you also admitted was shitty. Stop doing bannable things. Don’t get banned.

wE LiVe In A sOcIeTy

Yeah but without all these silly silly notes, I’d be looking at three days instead of fourteen.
And not that it justifies it but I like to think I’m still just purging my pent up stupidity from playing on no-fun HRP servers for years. I’ll get it out of my system eventually. Probably. I’m chaotic good, damn it!

I mentioned this in my mod app, but chaos is the heart and soul of SS13 so…
“Stop doing bannable things. Don’t get banned.”
I will think about thinking about it

Bananium golems were absolute shitters, did nothing to annoy the crew and only objective they had was to henk a ligger non stop. They deserved to die.

Source: I was one of the golems

silly silly notes

Then don’t do note-worthy shit? This is what happens when people don’t get banned earlier for lots of note-worthy stuff - you end up breaking the rules in a HUGE way because of taking admin leniency for granted.

purging my pent-up stupidity from playing on no-fun HRP servers for years

Boohoo? Is this your way of asking for sympathy because you just posted cringe.

chaos is the heart and soul of SS13

Chaos is one thing, self-antag is another.

Thanks for giving people another reason to hate security as well you absolute shitsec. On MRP even of all things, I’m surprised it’s not a perma role ban as well.

I meant this as a response to the secret slav

Since the ban has since expired, I will be closing the thread from further posts.