Not_a_shark adminbus report

CKEY: Crow4

Your Discord: crow

Offender’s CKEY: Not_A_Shark

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/13/22

Round Number: 40844

Rules Broken (if relevant): None

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): IC Punishments (Admin Intervention)

Incident Description: Was playing as a ghost, about an hour and five minutes in, I pray “I pray for some cool ghost roles”, and no reply, which is fine, as nothing had spawned ghost role wise. Then a popup for “would you like to be Evil Crab in a Box” pops up. Okay cool, I roll that and am now a crab and life is fine, I figure i’ll just RP, nope, instead i just sorta start saying stuff, and milli randomly force ghosts me, from a role they made, on the grounds “that the joke ran stale”.

I asked them why they had killed me, and they said “because you prayed”, but I had prayed before I was crab, so what, if you pray at any time an admin can just smite you on the grounds you had prayed? What. Later Milli said “I was gonna make some ghost roles too” then never made one, very fun, except an incursionist with no items, a tracking impant, and no ID. Another prank ghost role.

I mean we got way stupider shit than a crab, why instantly murder it? I was going to crab it up so hard, specifically to spite the “Haha funnee” ghost role I got, I had planned to make the most of it. Nope, boop. Dead.

Later in the round Milli went around deleting the giant radiation leak that came from engineering, which was actually kind of a change of pace, but was not allowed to happen, fnr (not against the rules but lame i feel)

I did that. It was causing instability and I exercised my right to yeet it.

Then in that case I have no qualm about the yotengreen, as you’re like… the guy in charge so I RESCIND THAT COMPLAINT.

So assuming I’ve read this correctly, you pray asking for a ghost role, get given one, they then delete the role they spawned. Where’s the conduct violation here exactly?

Smites are also way to punish minor IC misbehavior or rule breaks, and are especially good as a punishment for cursing the gods, or otherwise abhorrent behavior in prayers.

What did I do that deserved that? Abhorrent behavior nooo, cursing the gods? nooo?

That didn’t answer my question in the slightest.
Where’s the conduct violation here?

How didn’t it?

It’s from the exact thing I quoted?

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You don’t create admin reports to vent. Per our rules…


While you might feel it was lame, there was no conduct broken. They acted in way to only affect you without otherwise impacting the round for others. No actions will be taken.

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