Noooooooo! we cannot insult people based on their appearance anymore!


And the body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

made this vid


unclear body moment

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im pretty sure we can still call lizards scalies tho so thats a plus

Hey there friend, please dont use the P word. Alot of the P industry sets unrealistic standards for people who might not be comfortable with themselfs.

Beyond that I honestly like the new update and respect all the members of the bee staff. May they keep breathing the oxygen they deserve and keep up the good work fighting all the highly toxic community that bee has.

Now I can actually enjoy the game without having panic attacks when interacting with the previously toxic playerbase.

The future for bee is inclusive and accepting of everyone except bigots and toxic people and I hope everyone understands that.

At least I can a still roleplay as a racist human who hates catgirls and lizards I just have to get creative

Why would you do that? You should be permabanned for that, you are intentionally creating a negative enviroment for people who wish to play more diverse and deep characters. Honestly you should be banned for just saying that you intend to play as a racist human, it shows how big of a bigot you really are. Like you are literally trying to be as toxic as possible while avoiding the rules, that should literally be banworthy, you are literally creating a toxic enviroment for the server.

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bruh imagine having a panic attack playing spessmens game

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what the fuck

i think hes joking bro

Thats really intolerant, dont you understand that there are people that struggle with issues when encountering intolerant messages from bigots, its been a clear issue in bee for a long time.

Panic attacks arent even the worst part (not to demean people who suffer from panic attacks, they are still serious and the people suffering panic attacks when encountering bigots on the server should be fully supported by the community) since intolerant messages can cause alot of physical harm to people as well, possibly even leading to players to harm themselfs because of the disgusting content that this community has been spouting out ingame.

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yeah nobody is that serious and also on a super fucking obscure game like ss13 where the biggest publicity it’s had in years is from a slightly racist yotuber in a video that’s like 3 years old (or somthing)

Seriously? You are saying that racism and the issues that minorities of all types suffer from in their day to day life isnt “serious”

I am happy to see that bee is rooting out this kind of toxic behaiviour and you should be glad about it too. If you honestly think that racism and social equality isnt a serious thing, I dont think that you should be a part of this new inclusive community.

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pretty sure nobody suffers from spessmans game in their day to day life my dude

Are you literally just trying to avoid the topic by playing ignorant? Bee is rooting out the kind of behaiviour that these minorities HAVE TO DEAL WITH EVERY DAY.

Its only fair that we create a community that they can feel safe and included in. If you got harassed in your every day life, the last thing you would want is to play on a server that systematically harasses you based on your personal life and things you cant change, such as the colour of your skin or your sexuality.

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I too feel upset that the lizard minority doesnt want me to say the anti lizard word


The anti lizard spray bottle decal will be removed as well for being racist against scalies. Same with the YIFF IN HELL ONE, it antagonizes the small minority of child groomers/erpers on bee


made this vid about it

go away redditor


pretty sure that generalizing every black person as a poor, oppressed, depressed etc. being is rasict in itself mate


if you are so soft that you can’t open internet without getting a panic attack - don’t use the internet, bruh

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I am not generalizing anyone, there is just a deep rooted issue with racism in our society. People being intolerant towards diverse minorities isnt labeling, its understanding the deep rooted and systematic subconscious issues that are very present in the modern day society.

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