Noobgamergirl banned by whyiscaeciliustaken


**Admin’s CKEY:**whyiscaeciliustaken

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**dont know prolly both

**Ban Type:**server

**Ban Length:**1 day

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2019-12-21 06:22

**Round ID:**10485

**Ban Reason:**Killed someone for breaking into robotics twice. Authed by Moccha

**Appeal Reason:**Im not type of person who likes to ruin everybodys rounds or something, guy was messing with us and got killed, i know that i overescalated and i wont do that in the future, i just want to play the game

**Additional Information:**none

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addition info : im banned on both lrp and mrp

rd literally grabbed me if im not mistaken to robotics, he was dragging me around because i needed a promotion then he left me there and i was just standing waiting for him, then u threw me out like a trash while knowing i was waiting to be promoted to science because i asked u where is rd and said to you i need promotion to science.
When i finally got back and got that science and xenobio access i broke your window, which you killed me for, i did nothing else than this i believe.

For the rest of the round you were talking "what a retard " And how you wont heal me

*Im not type of person who likes to ruin everybodys rounds or something, - absolute big brain you just ruined my round because i smashed your window then kept my body hidden for whole round absolute big brain

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i guess it was just missunderstanding, gotta wait out the ban, but i dont appreciate you breaking windows, like you could have waited outside, pda rd or something, instead after being thrown out you break our windows

ok ok shorten the ban by 6 or 12 hours because i learnt from my mistakes

who likes cats? what about yall just watch this video and forget everything happened, and cut my ban by 6 or 12 hours

honestly, imma just shitpost my ban appeal, because i dont think that whyiscaeciliustaken checks forums often

things happen you know, to me you were just a dude that didnt belong there, well it looked like i was rude to you, im sorry, but like pda me or something, dont be all imma break yo shit type of guy

it’s just a 1 day ban, wait it out


i already waited long enough, like i want to play the game, unban

thats me after i read your message

i guess admins just dont like me because i dont watch retarded anime

my favourite anime is Neo Tokyo, like its short, about 1 hour, it has 3 different segments, first one is somewhat misterious, little girl with her cat exploring some weird ass place, second segment is about people racing, but 1 man is cheater, he is using telekanysis or whatever, after its been found out that he is cheater the future races are canceled , 3rd segment is my favourite, its about man who is tasked to cancel a project, that project is basically robots doing robot things, but the thing is that robots are badly programmed and when the man tries to stop the project robots doesnt listen to him, what the 3rd segment is trying to say is that humans are too dependent on technology or whatever, but who gives a fuck what 3rd segment is trying to say, the whole anime/short movie is beautifulyy made and is actually good experience, very beautifull

Hahahahahaahaha, I thought the same.

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hey finland, hows the weather down there

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It’s 2 degrees, not much of a deal. Same as always xd

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im getting new pc for xmas, imma try to record some robust clips

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Bruh, I can’t record untill 30th of december…

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wbhat do you mean
bruh bruh

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Iam fucked(banned) till’ 30th of december

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