Nodaria Ecrossa Player Feedback

One of my newer characters, with a niche gimmick to go along with them! If you’ve seen them, feel free to leave any notes/positive/constructive feedback!


goddamnit why did i gamble my entire saving account/10

I still remember the round I played with them as an officer, where I had to metaphorically beat your skull in to get you to understand searches didn’t need warrants, and then after fighting over that we became tight knit security partners following a rabid cannibal.

8/10, good rp, but no longer one of my securistan brothers in arms

Another Eucrossa stalk the station grounds…

They don’t?

I just remembered that round! It was one of my first ss13 rounds, in fact!
Don’t forget the zombie outbreak that happened, along with my character shouting “DON’T DIE ON ME, DAMNIT!!” through the window.

I lost all my money on Blackjack. 0/10 give back my 600 credits


Not with probable cause.
See them doing funny shit? OI.
See them with non-job-related materials? Would you kindly submit to a search?
In a place they shouldn’t be? I’d like to inspect your bag, coat and winter boots really quickly.
Only time you really need search warrants is when you’re operating with less than co-operative command staff who you may have pissed off or if you want to maintain a paper-trail, have the warden file it while you’re doing the leg work.

awesome mech rumblemania round,

I’ve had rounds where I’ve been trying to get that done but failed, you had it all set up and working. awesome stuff, great work! Also incredibly wholesome character : )

Keep it up!

Perseus looks forward to future business as a dealer with this rising star professional.

slime magic!