No_Originality Mentor Application

So many fucking posts.

  1. What is the best curator kit.
  2. Hello, an admin said you could help me.
  3. I cant use my forensic scanner on a bag.
  4. If my forensic scanner shows someones prints on this contraband, can I arrest them?
  1. There is no “better” curator kit, each one of them offers different gear, from weapons to space suits, it depends on what you want to do.
    I could go in detail regarding this if you want, or you could see the different loadouts on the wiki.

  2. I can indeed help you if you have questions regarding game mechanics, but for rules or reports, you should contact an admin instead.

  3. Try using the scanner at a distance, so that you can scan it without putting it inside the bag

  4. You should open an admin help ticket for this question to be answered.


You have access to Msay as a mentor, which can speak to admins and other mentors, I would probably suggest asking over that what the ticket is talking about if they dont clarify it.



As far as I see, you have good conduct. You haven’t been here very long, but you are consistently playing and interacting with the community on discord, which I like. You can have my +1 on the terms that if you stop playing after becoming a mentor then you have to eat a shoe.


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Hmmm, seems really over done. You only need one bot shell that calculates the cords of the launchpad and the remote then subtracts them to get the distance between you and the launchpad. But you seem to get the hang of this so ill give it a pass.

The SM why isn’t really fast or easy, but it is a way to do it. I would use the turbine and just let it sit and burn, since when tritium decomposes it releases radioactivity, making the co2 in the burn chamber into Pluxonium. Then just add a little bit of n2 into the burn pipe and you’ll be producing more nitryl than you’ll ever need. Also if you’re using the turbine, make sure to have it off, since you’ll be blasting out all the Pluxonium out back otherwise.
I’ll give this an eh, you mentioned the turbine which is good, but saying to use the sm to someone unexperienced with atmos probably is going to make the sm start delaming.

Coward or little imagination? I would recommend them this: Build a circuit that will sing a really bad song (look up bands like radiohead, gorillaz, negative xp) then hide it somewhere connected to a station bound radio and just make it repeat. For extra effect you can get a instrument and play any of those songs. Make sure to follow people around and see them commit suicide.


edit: fine i guess you can have the whole point. Admemes arent that funny anymore smh

I think gameplay time is a bit low for mentorship but i am hoping you already played more within this month.
Okay here are my questions:

1-) Hey I am an alien larva. But we have no queen… what do i do know?
2-) I am a doctor. There is a husk, i fixed its wounds and applied synthflesh. But it doesn’t fix him. Can you help?
3-) I am a lizard, what food is bad for me?
4-) I am a miner, i encountered with sentient lizards in lavaland. Do i kill them or what?

  1. You should grow into a Queen yourself, by first becoming a drone, then growing to a Praetorian, and with time you’ll grow into a Queen.
  2. If rezadone or 100u of synthyflesh below 50 burn don’t work, the husk may be a changeling absorption victim, if so you’ll have to trasplant their brain in a different body to revive them. Absorption victims can’t be dehusked.
  3. Generally you want to avoid food containing grains and dairies.
  4. I would transfer this to an ahelp.

Regarding my playtime, I’m at around 350 hours now.

1-) Good.
2-) Good but you should also mention body should not be hot. So body should be cooled first.
3-) Good.
4-) Nice!

I see great answers in all questions. So i will go forward with +1 from my side.

T: +4

I need more questions…

Not a mentor (unfortunately for you) but I’ve got some exotic questions:

  1. “I run out of plasma in my tank soon, what should I do?”
  2. “An IPC has a brain trauma but I can’t give it manitol, how do I fix it?”
  3. “I can’t land on phobos in space, what do I need to do so I can land?”

in fact bacon added the ability to teleport back (pull) after a timer from the same spot, circumventing the need for a whole circuit

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