No_Originality Mentor Application

Your CKEY: No_Originality

Your Discord: no_originality

How long have you been playing ss13?: I think I started playing during September-October of 2023, after 2/3 months of playing SS14 and being introduced to Interstation12 by a friend.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Probably nobody, I don’t know.

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I’m knowledgeable about every department outside of Engineering and some exploration things. I don’t know if my hours are a bit low.


I’m no mentor but have some fun questions outside of your comfort zone.

  1. “Hello, I found an alien pistol on a derelict station but I can’t shoot it?”
  2. “AI is losing power but I don’t know why!!!”, the map is Meta Station.
  3. “How can I create a new room on lavaland? I’m an Ashwalker.”
  4. “How do I make a really big explosive grenade? I’m a chemist.”
  1. Have you checked if a firing pin is installed on it? If there’s not, you can ask the Warden to give you one to install back on the station, so you can fire it.
  2. Perhaps the wiring connecting the AI satellite to the rest of the station has been cut?
  3. You should be given a Rapid Construction device near your spawn, you can build and deconstruct walls and floors with it to make a room.
  4. You can construct Large Grenade casings if Science researched it, you can fit Bluespace beakers within those for bigger chemical payloads.
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  1. “Thank you!”
  2. “Good point, I forgot to check that! How do I easily check it?”
  3. “I am supposedly able to make actual rooms to remove the ash storms”
  4. “What do I put in it to make it go boom? I’ve heard potassium-water is not the biggest kind of explosion you can make.”
  1. Most engineering lockers, yellow toolboxes and You-Tool vending machines should have a T-ray scanner for sale or inside, you can activate it in hand to view the wiring under floors, from there to try search around the entrance of the AI satellite, or even inside, if the AI allows you.
  2. You’ll need to make sandstone doors at the entrance of rooms you make.
  3. You could try making a nitrious oxyde grenade? On a basic case, 40 units of ammonia, 40 of oxygen and 20 of nitrogen heated to 574k is incredibly potent.
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  1. “Thank you!”
  2. “Sandstorms are still happening inside of it!”
  3. “Thank you!”

Do you have blueprints in your possession? You can use those to designate rooms as rooms, thus preventing ash storms (I’m genuinely lost here I only ashwalked like once on tg)

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This will create a new area and protect you from ash storms. Anyone can do this to my knowledge.

They tried to solicit information about IC actions OOC. This is very bad especially since you are applying to staff positions. Round ID is 47440


You cut the part where you bombarded me with like 10 different questions about the functionality of Cargo. If you were aware of this application you exploited the knowledge to get me to stay with you for 3 minutes, and take the pictures. I asked in LOOC AFTER you bombarded me with the questions because it felt awfully odd for a miner to suddently appear, and immediately ask on how Cargo worked, barely even saying anything else.

I was obsessed about you. I kept you talking is all that mattered to me. Why would you even assumed I knew you were applying or you are playing that character? After you asked the question Ive seen your application, but even then it doesnt matter that you asked those ooc questions. And even if I were “exploiting” that information, I spent over 40 minutes around you, not just 3 as I tried to you know… RP instead of going for greentext. Which is exactly the same thing as what I did to my obsession target before you, who had to cryo. I am done arguing, this is not a report and whoever wants to look into this case (admins) can see the logs. It is relevant to your application as Mentors as trusted with IC information which should not affect their gameplay

I am not part of the staff team but as the leader of the honk I think I can make some fun questions:
1.- My target is AFK, can I kill it?
2.- How can I make a tesla?
3.- My patient keeps dying after reviving them. I put blood on them but it quickly loses blood and dies. What am I doing wrong?
4.- How can I make a fast wheelchair?
5.- where can I get the magic wand that shoot bananas as a clown?

this in no way reads like they’re trying to solicit IC info in OOC, more light a lighthearted jab about the mentor application. Which would make sense to be nervous about.

  1. You should direct this question to an admin help, mentors can’t answer rules related questions.
  2. Assuming you have an engine prepared to house it, you’ll need to install a Particle Accelerator by bolting each piece down, and then wiring it, the final result should be T-shaped. Then you’ll want to set the PA output to 3 (you’ll have to hack it to allow it to output 3).
  3. Have you checked if the heart is functional? If it’s not, you can always perform a coronary bypass once per heart or replace it with a prosthetic heart with organ manipulation.
  4. You can make a motorized wheelchair in the crafting menu, under misc and based on what tier of manipulators you use it will be faster, while higher tier capacitors will drain less charge.
  5. I unfortunately don’t know how to answer.

14.1. Revealing in-character information in out-of-character channels, such as OOC or Discord, is not allowed while rounds are ongoing (referred to as ICK OCK).

The reason for my characters motivation revealed over OOC would be breaking the rules.

I am not saying they broke any rules. I am saying the mentality they had towards that information is wrong as if I did reveal my intentions I would be breaking this rule as well as ruining the gimmick of being a person who’d like the ins and outs of cargonia, which is a guise for keeping close to my obsession target.

And once again, this isnt a report. If they did nothing wrong here, they have no reason to worry and my feedback would be removed from this thread.

I am no expert. But, I think you are allowed to Google for answers or code dive to find your answers. I know this is often done by mentors.

I’ve looked on google, Beestation’s and Tg discord, dug up youtube, couldn’t find anything regarding banana wands.

Are you saying “are you a fed” is them wanting to get OOC information?

No its just them asking if you’re an admin reviewing their app. Not meant to be IC.

Unless something else was said, going by what you show nothing hints at them revealing anything or asking for any IC information.

They had this “mentality” you describe because maybe they’re not very confident in themselves and their app. Which would be NORMAL.

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I actually intended it as a joke initially, and I then thought it was an admin or someone else testing me ingame because of the incessant Cargo questions.


term is staff of the honkmother

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