No/low sec rounds

Last night there was no security and the only command team members were CMO ACAP, and a latejoin CE.

As AI it was really funny to watch a cult take over the station uncontested, noncult crew desperately arming themselves and hiding, sneaking around the blood god’s harbingers, with the only escapee/survivor groups being held in pockets in security and engineering, carefully curated by an AI managed no-mans-land of bolted and depowered areas.

It was like a whole different game. An interesting experience for sure.

That being said I feel like dynamic really needs to put more weight on the number and quality of seccies on the station.
wyci, I guess.


I’ve had the idea of weighing the amount of hour a person has in the game and their current role to determine the current “advantage” the crew has against the antagonists. This would be to prevent getting five God-like antagonists against a crew of newbies. However, I have NO IDEA where to even begin to implement this or even how to in Byond.


Wonder if there’s a a way to reference a player’s hours in a role.


playing security is pain if you are the onlysec, if there is an security officer on or two people are more thrilled to join security, if there is no security, people don’t want to join sec and risk being a one man army made hos to top it off, the amount of pressure put on the onlysec is soul crushing so that’s why some people don’t join security if there is noone in that department.


Add to this latejoin sec on lowpop is at such a disadvantage due to the information differential. I stopped playing sec after I got killed on the way to brig from arrivals one too many times.

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Can you imagine being a roundstart secoff and you get a greenshift because the game thinks you’re shit at the job. :laughing:


Lol I meant hours played, but yeah that would be a hilarious algorithmic dunk

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