Nitro2030ce banned by Zanos/ZodrakDovah

CKEY: Nitro2030ce

Admin’s CKEY: @ZodrakDovah @Zanos

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: I think its just Bee Golden

Ban Type: Game ban

Ban Length: Permament

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-10-28 14:16:14

Round ID: 8489

Ban Reason: Killing multiple reasons as an antag

Appeal Reason: Hello, I was banned for killing multiple people as a non-antag. Here’s how it happened and why I should be unbanned.
I was in the bar, breaking up a fight in bar. I warned them “Do not fight in the bar”, as I said that I quickly rescued a clown (unsure if it was a clown or just a assistant) and took him into kitchen, at the time I had a first aid kit and I started healing up. A mediborg quickly took him away before I could fully heal him, I continued chasing the mediborg and I hit it about 2 times before it flashed me. We continued fighting and I chased the mediborg into Robotics and suddenly I was ambushed by 2 roboticists, one of them set me afire using a welding tool and something else I forgot. Then I disarmed the guy who set me afire and took his flash and killed him due to him trying to kill me by setting me afire. After I did that the mediborg tried intervening again, I think he attempted to flash me. After that I destroyed the borg using a knife and after all of this I was heavily injured. The other roboticist quickly runs in, attempting to use the same trick as the guy before; attempting to set me afire. We quickly fought, realizing that I would lose due to my injuries I quickly look his welding tool and blew him up. Why did I disconnect? because I was dead and about 10minutes passed with no bwoink coming my way. Today I tried logging on and thats what brought me here.

Additional Information:

Ok so fight broke out in bar. You saved a clown/assistant healed him up and before fully healing him a borg snatched him up. So I got a few questions about the borg and the person…

  • Did the borg say anything before taking him away.

  • How hurt was the person when the borg took him away.

  • Was the borg heading to medical or robotics with the person.

And now for you…

  • Why did you engage the borg and not trail him.

  • Did you attempt to take the person back while borg had him.

The borg did NOT say anything before taking him away
I am unaware how much I healed him, but I do know that he was still hurt. At the time I started healing him he was going unconcious.
The borg was heading to medical

I don’t understand the first question for me, “why did you engage the borg”?
Yes I did attempt to take away the person

Why did you hit the borg? That’s what I meant.

Because, as much as I can remember I told him to stop and I called the borg a “retard” and it did not stop.

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I’ll take a look when i get home. Why are Dovah and I both mentioned?

I think Dovah authed it and you administered the ban I’m unsure or its reverse

I probably auth’d this based on Dovahs description in discord. I’ll ping him to take a look.

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Did he say anything yet?

Dovah is currently away due to personal reasons so he won’t likely respond to this appeal anytime soon. As such I’ll just leave my impression and wait for the response from Zanos.

Seems like this was a case of IC escalation from the roboticists, assuming they attacked first as you claim. If that holds true I give this appeal a +1.

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I wasn’t aware Dovah was away. I’ll do some log diving tonight.

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Ban was imposed nearly a week ago, if it was a case of IC escalation I wouldn’t entirely agree with the ban. I’d say he has had enough of a break.

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As the cmo, you were in the bar, stopping a fight, (this is not your job) you rescued a player clown/assistant and started healing him (this is a part of your job but still is like the warden arresting people in engi which is out of the way but fine ig) a mediborg takes him away, and you start hitting him until he flashed you, he ran to robotics, and seeing a borg being attacked by someone while not fighting back the roboticists and ran in, conflict insured and you killed them, you were attacking the borg for taking a player away which was not okay and you killed 2 roboticists that were non antag, and a borg, then disconnected, also i need to go back and log dive, i don’t have enough time to get the rest, but there are other tickets about you in separate occasions on that same round. I will need to log dive once i’m free again for the rest.

i disconnected after 10minutes, as i said before the roboticists set me afire using welding tool and then i disarmed one of them and killed them, as they attempted to burn me to death
all of this i already said

hey sorry for being impatient but did you log dive yet?

These are you full attack logs for this round:

I don’t see you being attacked with a welding tool at all. I do see you attacking and critting/killing people unprompted with a curator whip and trying to disposal stuff people and give them chloral hydrate as soon as the round starts, though.

nitroattack.log (46.1 KB)

I dunno sounds like badmin

Could you search for the log where I was put afire?
If it helps: It was in roboticist bay, there were 2 robotocists there and uhh… I think after that I welder bombed

Nothing in your attack logs for robotics. You can check it yourself if you’d like.

EDIT: I think two weeks is enough though, @ZodrakDovah thoughts?