[Nico2221] Pirate Captain Player Report

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: nico2221

Offender’s In-Game Name: Captain Solarsail

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-09-16

Round Number: 45864

Rules Broken: 13

Incident Description: Long shift so a lot of things happened, i’ll try to summarize it.

I arrived to the station as a sec officer when pirates were already assaulting near perma brig (Corg Station) we had a couple of fight multiple times, including an interdirection after they rescued a syndicate assassinate target, eventually they made their way back to the station to use the brig phys office to revive them, we had a final a final fight where they all perished, due to a big error of the Chaplain the pirate Captain was revived, by that point their ship was completely stranded and destroyed so they proceed to try to kill Sec and Captain(which they targeted three times i believe) i fought them a final time on space where i got critted by lasers and a carp.

At that point floating on crit in space my internet died for a moment and took that time to do something IRL, by the time i returned i woke up as a cultist shard, all good, i started helping around the cultist on assaulting medbay (cult had Halos at that point) and among the people fighting the Pirate Captain was there, shotgun in hand, captain ID, Captain gun and blasted the two-three of us to death

They then proceed to singlehandely wipe out the cultists going gamer mode when they tried to summon narnar alongside any strugglers.

Additional Information:
A few point worth noting that showcases the gamer mentality of the fella.

-The End of Round report shows that they made 0 credits, however i believe that might be bugged since we destroyed the machine but the only thing i spotted was an RD locker(so they might’ve sold the budget, but we had an RD so maybe they were carrying it) and whatever money the two officers tha died on the ship had, that was the only instance i saw them looting besides taking the brig phys locker, that would need to be checked on the logs.

  • Once the Pirate Captain got revived by the non-antag Chap they returned to try and kill Captain and sec, that makes sense after all their mates were dead and the ship was pretty much decomissioned, however once the cultists were announced and were starting to act they had plenty of other routes to go after that, they had other chances to get ‘‘money’’ they could’ve simply let the crew die and steal the Explo ship/public ship/mining ship, yet their brain got turned off and they decided it was easier to go fight the cultists to the point that they even ignored security which seemed so keen to kill.

  • As far as i know, they never made a deal with Sec/Command to ‘‘help them against the cultist’’ they took it upon themselves to try to get ‘‘kills’’, they ignored the HoS, Det and i believe an Officer that were still alive because, understandably, sec was busy with the halo cultists but i don’t see how that makes sense for the pirate, considering he spent the entire shift fighting security but out of knowhere they throw that grudge out of the window to go kill cultists. Pirate had the Captain id, they could’ve pillaged anything they wanted and stolen any ship to leave them to die it would make perfect IC sense, but nope they decided to go around full gamer gear and shoot anyone they saw, and previous to the cultists being a threat d-chat told me that they even shooted innocent crewmembers to death without bothering to loot credits or anything of the sort.

So yeah, i’m questioning the quality of RP of this player, that only seemed to focus on game on anyone and anything rather than do any sort of RP, or even follow basic loot and pillage which is what pirates are all about. Before i died and became a cultist a.k.a like 30 minutes of fighting them they never said a single message on radio so i wonder how extense their saylogs are, while in d-chat i believe i only saw them do a four texts and a single emote.