Nicks dick banned appeal

CKEY:Nicks dick

Admin’s CKEY:LordGrievous

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:I think i’m banned from both, but i’m not sure.

Ban Type:Permanent

Ban Length:Permanent

Ban Date (7/3/2019):

Round ID:5241

Ban Reason: I toolboxed a guy to death at arrival shuttle’s and made up an excuse and said it was ‘pre-emptive self defense’. I also claimed that he had a ‘threatening aura’ which got me permanently banned.

Appeal Reason: I don’t have a reason to why i killed this person nor the reason for making up excuses to prevent me from getting banned. So i apologize to the person i killed. I also apologize to the admin that he/she to deal with me making up excuses.

Additional Information:I don’t have any other additional information.



To be fair he repented

quite an excquisite ban appeal +1

I support it. 7 months gone and ownership of the ban. You’ll need an adult admin to get it lifted though.

Hey would you be able to help me out with this ban appeal i would very much appreciate it, the reason being is the guy who banned me has retired since i’ve been banned regards,
Sheen’s tit

The ban will be removed shortly.

EDIT: Should be removed.