Nick Power and The Narrator player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Intcern

Your Discord: I.C.B.M.

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Nick power(engineer), The Narrator (mime)

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01/09/2023

Round Number: 45647

Rules Broken: 8, 13

Incident Description:
the station basically turned into a ghost town thanks to these 2 and even cremated some of the crew. I dont know much since i arrived midround. And talked things over with people in deadchat and. Also this narrator fella is the guy that also hid radios all over the station and turned their microphones on and also recorded the god darned slimes and put it on loop near a god darn radio, this was a previous round.

Additional Information:

this is my first report sorry for any mistakes please do point them out.

Edit: After talk to nick power it seems i was mistaken about him perma-killing me as he didnt know cremation was perma. This report is only about mime now.

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The Mime stole a Sec locker and went around emagging random shit. After killing the Captain and me (we WERE both threats to them), they fullstripped us and left our corpses in the Medbay (after farting next to both) - which, in accordance with their first objective, they had completely ransacked. I was left completely unable to play because they’d left my ID inside my ID-locked workplace and wound up cryo’ing after revival, while the Captain activated D.N.R… The general impressions I got from them were that they were deliberately making a show of their antagonistic actions so people would attack them (giving justification for retaliation with lethal force), that they were completely uninterested in role-play, and that they were disturbingly skilled for such a fresh account (having been able to throw items with a speed indicating they know the hotkey, effectively emote & point, target the head with .357, dismantle machinery, and knock down walls with a sonic jackhammer).
Some timestamps:
40 minutes the narrator shoots a bitch out of the mass driver
dismantling random shit at 46:45
01:32:30 smashes some random walls with a sonic jackhammer for no reason whatsoever
01:33:40 early launches shuttle 4noraisin
There was more stuff, both from this round and from other recent rounds, that indicates they knew more than a newbie should - but I doubt an exhaustive list is necessary.
EDIT: Here’re the people that got brainwashed.

EDIT 2: Their defense after some post-round trash-talk, where they deflect and minimize their actions

Another thing I’ve noticed across multiple rounds with The Narrator is that they tend to kill people (sometimes justified and sometimes not), then drag them to Medbay and act all buddy-buddy (*smile, *wave, *fart in this case) like they didn’t just commit a capital crime, seemingly under the impression that murder is okay if they get better.

To be fair, murder isn’t a capital crime, you’re thinking of prime murder

a major crime then. I still think it’s very bad that they seem to not have any qualms with killing other players’ characters as long as they get them revived afterwards, especially when they appear outside Medbay still carrying the murder weapon just to *wave and stand there.

I will at least respond from my point of view on this round.
So I was engineer traitor. I completed most of my objectives at this point and I was aiding the mime with deconstructing medical with providing tools.They wanted to do it so I let them go about it. It wasn’t in my interest but I pretty much made a half baked alliance there. I was going about converting crew to the Syndicate cause because honestly a lot of people died that round and I wanted to prevent further loss of life. I do regret cremating the HoP. The guy was dead, Medbay was trashed and robotics got torched. How robotics was damaged, I don’t know. As far as I was aware, the HoP was perma dead. So I just removed his stuff. It just so happened all of his stuff was on his body. It was only after I had cremating him I actually read from the doctor and read that he could be revived. I was still centering myself after almost being captured so hindsight is 20/20.

If I fully was aware that the HoP could have been revived, I would have done so. That was an oopsie on my part.

As far as I am aware, the Mime launched the captain’s body, which you say was DNR and trashed medical.

I want to add some things against The Narrator as well. I was a player in both this round and the round after this. Due to low number of people selecting antags, they get antag mime two-three times in a row. They always rush to captains id or whoever can access there. They kill them and just rushes their objectives and kills anyone who tries to resist. I think they do not roleplay or make the round interesting for any crew, but just kills people and destroys the station until noone resists. In low population it really makes no fun for the round.

So after talking with nick on discord and in deadchat i the round after. I falsely accused him of perma killing me, as he says he didnt know that cremation is perma-kill. So this report’s only about the The narrator, Mime now.

I will clarify that from my perspective at the time while I was carrying you to medical that you might have already been perma dead. I was still centering myself from that fight and if I was told before that you were revivable, I didn’t register it because I was going over my options. When I stepped out of the crematorium, and the doctor did tell me it was doable, it was already to late.

  • Medical was leveled
  • Cloning was smashed
  • Most of the crew was dead
  • The only doctor was syndicate controlled

From my perspective, you were more likely perma dead and I was concerned with your ID as it was a bigger threat to me at that point, which happened to be on your person, who in this situation was dead. I could have easily told the doctor not to revive you if I wanted, and the end result at that point would have been no different, cremated or not. In one scenario your body is just decaying on the ground so I resolved to clean up both your perma dead body (from my perspective) and the ID, mostly the ID. I got tunnel visioned, which lead to me making a mistake when you could have been brought back, which I would have done.

The mime didn’t help the situation I will admit given their behavior. Like salt and lemon juice on a wound.

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What prompt did you use for this one? I’m curious

seeing as this looks like an easy ban for the mime I’ll add what I have here

ID 45633 (Mime) NRP and breaking escalation policy as mime by killing people for no good reason with no buildup and only few /me’s most being *wave

ID 45634 (Mime) Made a lag machine that spammed comms with slime chatter

ID 45647 (Mime) Killed a few people with little to no RP

ID 45648 (Discord) Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot Toxicity and ickock when people were complaining about them powergaming and being LRP

ID 45648 (Mime) Rushes his objectives 12 minutes into round and steals the captain’s ID on an 8 pop round. Latejoin sec enters, Mime kidnaps him within 6 minutes of arrival by going to arrivals then to brig to find him before lethalling him to crit, killed two people who tried to stop him and attempted to behead a medical doctor. At one point, out of 10 connected players, had killed all but 3.

ID 45649 (Mime) Made lag machine

You were warned like 3 times already about that, in OOC by a coder, even

As far as I can tell, “The Narrator” has already been permabanned.
Nick Power seemed to slip up a little and cremate believing the HoP was dead-dead instead of revivable but it happens sometimes, They just need to be more careful in the future.

Report Processed